Association for Specialist Fire Protection

Issue 20 - November 2014

ASFP seminar to support CFOA Business Safety Support Week

ASFPThe Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) will be holding the last of its 2014 regional CPD seminars at West Midlands Fire Service Headquarters in Birmingham on 10 December 2014.

Held during the Chief Fire Officers’ Association Business Safety Support Week, which takes place from 8-14 December 2014,the event will provide essential advice on all aspects of passive fire protection; its specification, installation, inspection and maintenance.

Suitable for anyone who is responsible for specifying or inspecting passive fire protection or those appointing trades that could cause damage to existing fire protection in the process of their work, the seminar should particularly appeal to practising Fire Risk Assessors, Responsible Persons, Local Authorities, Facilities Managers, Building Control, and Care Home Providers. 

Held in association with the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) and West Midlands Fire Service, the event, entitled Understanding Passive Fire Protectio, aims to improve awareness of passive fire protection. It offers presentations from technical experts from across the fire sector, including the ASFP, BWF, Glass and Glazing Federation, Guild of Architectural Ironmongers and the fire service. It covers all aspects of passive fire protection, including an overview of risks in buildings in relation to passive fire protection and a case study.

The price of each event is just £45 plus VAT, including lunch. ASFP and BWF members can book at a special rate of £30 plus VAT. A donation of £5 from every booking will be made to the Children’s Burns Trust.

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Rockwool issues new technical guide

RockwoolStone wool insulation specialist Rockwool has issued a new version of its FIREPRO® product guide for fire stopping and fire protection applications. According to the company, the guide is intended to act as the primary point of reference for fire protection contractors and specifiers who are looking to achieve the highest levels of performance.

The application-led guide is designed to assist users in finding the right product for specific building requirements and to conform with relevant fire regulations and guidance. It provides a detailed overview of Rockwool’s range of fire stopping and fire protection solutions to cover building applications such as structural protection, penetration and joint seals, cavity barriers, pipes and ductwork.

Highlights include the company’s 50mm and 60mm Ablative Coated Batt, both of which are designed to act as an airseal barrier to re-instate the fire resistance and acoustic performances of concrete floors, masonry walls and dry wall systems when voids have been created for the passage of services. It can be used with all types of services including pipes made of steel, cast iron, copper, polypropylene (PP), high density polythene (HDPE), PVC and ABS; along with all sheathed cables up to 80mm and supported cable bundles up to 100mm.

The guide also displays the full range of ancilliary firestopping products for use in conjunction with FirePro® Ablative Coated Batt. Other products featured include Rockwool’s new FirePro® Linear and Trapezoidal Firestops which provide up to four hours of fire protection. The guide can be downloaded here.

For further information, contact the Technical Solutions Team on +44 (0) 1656 862621.

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Promat aims to repeat Fire Day success

PromatPromat UK will host its fourth annual Fire Day at Ascot Race Course on 12 November 2014, where construction professionals will be given the opportunity to discuss fire safety issues.

Titled 'Making your project our business', the event will feature prominent figures from the construction and fire safety industries. Topics under discussion will include steel protection, the use of glass in architectural design, the role of social media in the construction market, and the importance of BIM systems.

Chaired by ASFP CEO Wilf Butcher, the event will give attendees the chance to assess the current state of the market and examine areas for improvement. Speakers will include Peter Caplehorn RIBA, Deputy Chief Executive and Policy Director of the Construction Products Association; Su Butcher of social media specialists Just Practising; Howard Passey, Commercial Director of the FPA; and Promat’s own Business Development Director, Ian Cowley.

Explaining that representatives from all sectors of the industry will be attending, Mr Cowley declared: “Fire is a constant and ongoing issue that threatens everyone. The aim of this event is to share and discover new ways to minimise that threat. Our previous Fire Days have been very successful and we expect this year’s to follow suit.”

There will also be a charity prize draw to raise money for Cancer Research UK, with the chance to win iPads, Kindles and a dinner for two at the Shard restaurant.

For more details of the event please visit or call 01344 381352.

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Coopers Fire offers CPD seminars

Coopers FireFire and smoke curtain manufacturer, Coopers Fire, is offering CPD seminars to help educate architects, building control officers, approved inspectors, fire engineers and fire & rescue services about smoke and fire curtain barriers, their application and the standards that regulate their use.

The seminars cover smoke barriers, fire curtain barrier assemblies, BS 8524 Parts 1 & 2, plus a combination of all three.

Coopers Fire is the only fire and smoke curtain manufacturer approved by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to provide CPD educational seminars. It works closely with leading architects to develop innovative, high performance methods of protection from fire.

Its fire barrier curtains and smoke curtains have been used in some of the world’s most iconic buildings to protect their occupants from fire, whilst ensuring that modern open plan environments meet stringent fire regulations. Past clients include Sydney Opera House, Buckingham Palace and The Gherkin tower in London.

Coopers Fire is the only fire and smoke curtain manufacturer and installer to be regulated and approved by an independent third party certification body. Its product range is certified by IFC Certification (IFCC), and all Cooper Fire installers meet the requirements of the IFCC Installers Certification Scheme. 

All Coopers Fire smoke barriers, fire curtains and components, from the fire-resistant coatings and fabric to the controls and motor drives, are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

For more information call +44 (0)23 9245 4405.

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New structural steel coating welcomed

Sherwin-WilliamsThe civil construction industry is welcoming a new protective steel coating from Sherwin-Williams. Developed for on-site application, FIRETEX FX5062 is being seen as a breakthrough in protective coating, which offers greater design flexibility and lower loadings across a diverse range of steel sections, with reduced downtime.

The company says the water-based thin-film intumescent coating satisfies the requirements of customers who want to combine high performance, aesthetic and environmental considerations with protection of up to 60 minutes.

FIRETEX FX5062 can be applied through standard airless spray equipment including petrol-powered pumps as a high-build single coat designed for use in internal environments with a corrosivity category up to C2 (ISO12944 - 2: 2007). A top coat is not needed in a C1 environment.

Tested and assessed in accordance with BS 476- 20 & 21, the recently revised ASFP Yellow Book (Edition 5) and the fire protection testing protocol for cellular beams, FIRETEX FX5062 is accredited under the Certifire third party verification scheme.

Rick Perkins, FIRETEX Project Development Manager for Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings, said: “We are already receiving endorsement for this new approach to protective coating from the modern construction industry in Europe and further afield.

“The ease of application combined with market-leading loadings means there are real benefits with less downtime for project construction and maintenance of these structures when necessary.”

The FIRETEX FX5062 technology complements Sherwin Williams’ range of FIRETEX passive fire protection products, which are independently tested, verified and certified to the most stringent and up-to-date standards.

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BM TRADA hosts Fire Sector Summit workshop

BM TRADABM TRADA is hosting a workshop at the Fire Sector Summit on 11 November to consider the role of third party certification as a means of demonstrating compliance with fire safety legislation.

The session, Certification as a means of demonstrating compliance,will consider why third party certification (TPC) of fire protection products and the personnel involved in assessing, installing and maintaining these products is not more widely specified.

Chaired by Dave Sibert of the Fire Brigades Union and led by Ross Newman from BM TRADA, the session will discuss the benefits of using TPC products and installers in protecting life safety and the fabric of a building and explore what the industry can do to encourage the widespread specification of such products.

The session will investigate if there are any parallels with other sectors, including the Secured by Design initiative spearheaded by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). A senior representative of ACPO Secured by Design, will provide a brief introduction to the SBD scheme, explaining how ACPO has managed to bring to the fore the importance of properly tested products that are fit for purpose in reducing the level of crime; and how third party certification acts as a way of ensuring on-going quality.

Recognising that, through SBD, ACPO is making great strides towards achieving its goal of reducing crime and protecting both life and property, the workshop will seek to develop a similar type of model for the fire industry.

For further information on BM TRADA services please visit, email or call 01494 569800.

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Full marks for FSi sealant in fire tests

FSiFSi Limited manufactures a wide range of compartmentation systems, for the world’s construction industry, all backed by extensive test and certification data. The company has released test data for one of its bestselling core products, Pyrocoustic Sealant which demonstrates its performance in a wide range of applications.

Pyrocoustic Sealant is a one part, acrylic emulsion. It is designed to resist the passage of fire, smoke, air and sound. The sealant will form a char when exposed to the heat of a fire, which then prevents the passage of fire and smoke. In everyday use, it will maintain the sound reduction index of a structure and remain flexible in low movement joints.

The sealant has been extensively tested and certified for use in in linear joints up to 50mm wide, large service openings up to 490 x 150mm, metallic pipes, cables, cable bunches, cable trays and cable ladders. It has also been fire resistance tested in flexible walls, rigid walls and floors.

The extensive test evidence includes: fire resistance testing to EN 1366-3 EI 120, EN 1366-4 EI 240 and BS 476 300mins and ASTM-E 1966, UL 2079; CAN/UL 115-11 - ULUS & ULC listed; CE marked; Fire Classification EN 13501-2; VOC tested to ASTM D2369-10, LEED 2009-EQ041 SCAQMD; Certifire CF 517; acoustic isolation to EN 10140 to 48dB; air permeability testing to EN 1026 to 600Pa - 100Pa 0.0/0.0 m3/h/m2; and mechanical adhesion, tensile testing & shore hardness to ISO 9046:2005, ISO 8339:2005 & ISO 7619-1:2011.

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Exova Warringtonfire guides UAE customers on new regulations

Exova WarringtonfireFire testing specialist Exova Warringtonfire has attended a certification and testing bodies’ workshop in Dubai following recent changes to regulations which will influence and affect all manufacturers wishing to sell in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) markets.

The event, in August, was hosted by the UAE’s Civil Defence Authorities, following changes to federal codes. The regulations now stipulate that only testing and certification conducted at laboratories approved in the UAE will be accepted.

As a result, Exova Warringtonfire has become an approved UAE laboratory and Warrington Certification an approved UAE certification body, and is therefore approved to issue UAE certificates of compliance in line with the new UAE product approval process.

In moves aimed at ensuring fire safety, the UAE has in recent years introduced many new fire safety standards and codes, and Exova’s participation in this workshop is a further example of its efforts to be at the forefront of guiding its customers through the new changes.

Exova has already rolled out all necessary changes in procedure to its existing customers, as well as holding meetings with individual customers to explain and support them first-hand on how the changes will affect them.

For further advice, call Leigh Hill, UK General Manager, Fire Safety Technology on +44 (0) 1925 646747 or email

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Fireco closes the door on fire

FirecoFreedor is a wire free, free swing door closer which is Fireco’s unique solution to solve the common problem of fire doors being wedged open, rendering them useless in the event of a fire.

Using patented acoustic technology, the Freedor device is easily installed at the top of a fire door, enabling it to be safely held open. The device continually ‘listens out’ for the sound of a fire alarm exceeding 65 dBA over a period of 14 seconds. Once the alarm has been verified, Freedor automatically closes the door, protecting those behind it from the dangerous spread of smoke and fire.

The innovative product operates up to power size three (60kg fire door) and takes the weight out of the door, making hefty fire doors easier to open and close. Freedor can also be adjusted in terms of the closing speed, sensitivity and latching angle. The company says that the battery life will last for 12-18 months. For further assurances, Freedor has been designed to comply with BS EN 1154, BS EN 1155 and BS 7273-4 category B.

Freedor won a British Engineering Excellence Award and a Fire Excellence Award in 2011.

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Nullifire coating wins industry approvals

NullifireNullifire’s new SC902 on-site coating is gaining recognition as being at the forefront of intumescent technology, having won approval in more ways than one.

As well as gaining a CE mark, Nullifire SC902 has also secured a ‘bucketful’ of nominations in industry and construction awards.

This ground-breaking intumescent coating has already received a “Highly Commended” accolade as “Commercial Innovation of the Year” at the prestigious Construction News Awards this Autumn.

However, the best may be yet to come, as SC902 has just achieved finalist status for the IFSEC and FIREX Passive Fire Protection Product of the Year, and Passive Fire Protection Project of the Year to be awarded in November.

The project selected for the award is the Glasgow Technical and Innovation Centre (TIC) which used SC902 for steelwork protection, enabling fire protection to be applied in cold and wet conditions and keeping the project on track.

Nullifire SC902 is a fast track on-site, low VOC, one coat, high build system, which offers a fast cure effective structural fire performance of up to a 120 minute fire rating for steelwork. It can be applied to a smooth matt finish and used with a compatible top-seal if a decorative finish is required

For more details on SC902 contact Nullifire on 01942 251400 or visit

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SIG assurance delivers peace of mind

SIGSIG Distribution, a division of European construction supplies company SIG, has launched a new regulatory compliance service; SIG Assured.

SIG Assured is a new official stamp that SIG will display to show customers that all products the company supplies meet the legislative requirements for a wide range of industry compliance standards – including safety data sheets, Reach, CE marking and EUTR – and that the information has been verified by third party experts. Customers can now have immediate access to all documentation upon request.

SIG says that its new benchmark will allow contractors to spend their time focusing on their projects, improving efficiency, performance and increasing the speed at which projects are delivered. SIG Assured also enables contractors to check the legitimacy of supplied products’ compliance documents, contributing to the fight against CE marking fraud.

“As a large plc, we have the resources available to keep up with the ever-fluctuating legislative requirements of the construction industry, which is an enormous benefit to contractors who choose to engage our services”, says Paul Gordon, Managing Director of SIG Distribution. “The consequences of falling short of these legal requirements can be catastrophic, especially for smaller businesses, so we independently verify all of our suppliers and ensure that we can trace the provenance of every product we stock.”

SIG has been working in partnership with an independent assurance company for the last three years to bring customers peace of mind.

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