Association for Specialist Fire Protection

Issue 21 - March 2015

ASFP Technical Officer to chair fire test committee

ASFPAssociation for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) Technical Officer Niall Rowan has been appointed chair of FSH 22, the UK national committee for fire resistance testing.

The committee is responsible for maintaining the BS 476: Parts 20-24 series of fire resistance test methods. It also formulates the UK input into CEN TC 127, Fire safety in buildings, which is the committee which is responsible for all European Fire Test and Extended Application (EXAP) methods and for providing input to ISO standards, as appropriate.

FSH 22 manages a large number of panels for specific products, such as doors, walls, steelwork and glazing, and also liaises with other committees such as FSH 21, Reaction to Fire; FSH  14, Fire precautions in buildings; and FSH 24, Fire engineering.

Speaking about his aims for the committee, Mr Rowan said that, following discussion with committee members, he hoped to make it more accountable to the needs of its stakeholders, in particular to industry and UK plc. He suggested that this may mean a change in the focus of activities from areas where standardisation activities have a lesser effect on the UK to those areas where standardisation has a greater impact.

Mr Rowan noted that BS 476 remained important in the UK since CE marking for the majority of passive fire protection products is not yet mandatory. He added that this series of standards is still called up by national building regulations throughout the UK.

Accepting his appointment, Mr Rowan declared:
“It is a great honour to be chosen as the chairman of FSH 22 and I pay tribute to my predecessors. I would also like to thank those members who devote their time and effort to attend meetings and undertake work between meetings. I could not do this job without them.”

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Endless innovation from Hilti

HiltiHilti’s new ‘universal solution’ for firestopping combustible pipes covers diameters up to 160mm in a wide range of pipe configurations. The Hilti CFS-C EL Firestop Endless Collar can fit around not only straight pipes but also pipe elbows, inclined pipes and pipes with limited clearance to walls, ceilings or other pipes. Situations where a conventional fire collar simply could not be fitted.   

The Firestop Endless Collar has been tested and approved in accordance with the latest European Standards (EN 1366-3 and ETAG 026) and holds a comprehensive European Technical Assessment (ETA). This includes PVC, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) pipes as well as a wide array of acoustic PP pipes such as Geberit Silent PP, Rehau Raupiano Plus and many more. 

CFS-C EL consists of a 2.5m intumescent strip, plus 18 closure plates and 22 hooks, with clear measurement markings meaning the product can be easily cut to size to create an exact length for the diameter, after which closure plates and hooks are attached to ensure a secure fitting.

Olga Katsanova, Northern Europe Product Manager (Fire Protection) for Hilti, said:

“We set out to create a collar that’s more flexible and easy-to-use than anything that’s gone before. 

“Ultimately, Hilti wants to provide customers with total peace of mind when it comes to regulatory compliance while simultaneously stopping fires in their tracks. This new product, and indeed all Hilti firestopping solutions, achieves precisely that.”

For more information and to watch the video visit

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Naturvent system increases survivability

Ash FireAsh Fire Management has built a detached 3-bedroom timber-frame house to demonstrate the effectiveness of its new innovative Naturvent system

The company is offering invitations to a series of displays of this smoke management technology, which is specifically designed to remove toxic smoke and gases and extend tenable conditions in a house fire.

The displays focus on the suitability of the Naturvent system for residential applications. There are displays scheduled twice daily throughout March on the North Weald Airfield, conveniently located for the M25 and the M11. Anyone interested in attending should contact Nicky at

Tests of the system conducted at BRE (with the test data validated by the Fire Safety Engineering Group) show survivability within the home is increased by over 18 minutes and damage to the interior and structure of the building is significantly reduced.

The system integrates with all composite roofing materials and no planning permission is required. It can be installed in properties up to 4 stories high and is ideal for all types of structures, including heritage or listed buildings. In addition to domestic premises; schools, small industrial and commercial buildings, restaurants and hotels can also benefit from having the Naturvent system installed.

The house is also available to ASFP members for testing of their new products.  For more information contact Paul Evans on 07792 628510.

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Coopers Fire refreshes CPD presentations

Coopers FireFire and smoke curtain manufacturer, Coopers Fire, is offering CPD seminars to help educate architects, building control officers, approved inspectors, fire engineers and fire & rescue services about smoke and fire curtain barriers, their application and the standards that regulate their use.

The seminars cover smoke barriers, fire curtain barrier assemblies, BS 8524 Parts 1 & 2, plus a combination of all three.

All of the presentations have been redesigned to ensure easy access and form part of RIBA’s Core Curriculum for Architectural Design. Coopers Fire is the only fire and smoke curtain manufacturer approved by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to provide CPD educational seminars. It works closely with leading architects to develop innovative, high performance methods of protection from fire.

Its fire barrier curtains and smoke curtains have been used in some of the world’s most iconic buildings to protect their occupants from fire, whilst ensuring that modern open plan environments meet stringent fire regulations. Past clients include Sydney Opera House, Buckingham Palace and The Gherkin tower in London.

Coopers Fire is the only fire and smoke curtain manufacturer and installer to be regulated and approved by an independent third party certification body. Its product range is certified by IFC Certification (IFCC), and all Cooper Fire installers meet the requirements of the IFCC Installers Certification Scheme. 

All Coopers Fire smoke barriers, fire curtains and components, from the fire-resistant coatings and fabric to the controls and motor drives, are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

For more information call +44 (0)23 9245 4405.

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BM TRADA offers free advice for the Responsible Person

BM TRADABM TRADA has announced three 2015 dates for its free half-day seminars on Fire Protection Measures– Understanding Your Responsibilities, which aim to explain the duties of the Responsible Person under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO) and raise awareness of passive fire protection.

Held in regional locations, the seminars are accessible to delegates from throughout the UK. These latest seminars will take place on 22 April, at the Building Centre in London; 14 July at the University of Leeds and 8 September at the University of Birmingham.

The programme is delivered by a panel of experts in their specific fields, including representatives from BM TRADA, the Fire Protection Association, Association for Specialist Fire Protection, Chief Fire Officers Association and law firm Browne Jacobson.

It provides an introduction to the legislation; a detailed look at passive fire protection and why it is crucial to get it right; the importance of competency for those involved in assessing, specifying, installing and maintaining passive fire protection measures and how third party certification can help; the role of the enforcing officer; and the consequences and costs of getting it wrong.
Delegates also receive free access to ‘The Responsible Person’ e-learning course from the Fire Protection Association.

The half-day seminars remain popular with facilities and estates managers, fire and rescue services, housing associations, local authorities, hotel and guest house owners and managers of public buildings – including those in the education and health sectors.

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More positive SBi test results for eco-friendly fire retardant

Fire RetardantFire Retardant UK Ltd have received further positive SBi test results for their eco-friendly fire retardant HR Prof which has-achieved Euroclass B-s1-d0 (equivalent to UK “Class O”) for spread of flame.

HR Prof has certificates from: BM TRADA, BRE, TUV, MEKA Forest & Wood Testing Institute and SP Laboratories of Sweden for the following species: Spruce, Pine, Western Red Cedar, Scotch Larch, Siberian Larch, Thermowood and Oak all Euro-class B-s1-d0, Birch plywood C-s1-d1 and indicative test results for Accoya B-s1-d0. HR Prof is manufactured to ISO 9001: 2008 standards.

HR Prof treated substrates were tested at the SP Technical Research Institute in Sweden and passed the rigorous NT 053 external use weathering tests. In these tests, the fire retardant treated wood is exposed to 1,000 hour accelerated weathering by cycles of rain, drying, and UV light, before fire testing, using a cone calorimeter. 

Fire Retardant UK believes that the NT 053 standard should be the minimum test requirement for all UK external fire retardants.

HR Prof can be used internally or externally, is easy to apply by spray, brush, roller or vacuum. HR Prof is specified on many large projects throughout the UK, including Olympic stadia, schools, universities, airports, hospitals, and many other public and private buildings.

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Fireco offers an ideal solution for greater accessibility

FirecoFire doors prevent the spread of fire and are normally required to be shut at all times. This can often be a problem as the doors are heavy and may need to be accessible, particularly by those with mobility issues or a disability.

Wedging or propping open a fire door may be convenient but defeats the fire door’s purpose of preventing the quick spread of fire and this can pose a danger to people’s lives.

Fireco’s product, Freedor removes the weight from fire doors, enabling greater ease of access and allows fire doors to be placed open at any angle. Fitted simply to the top of the door, it is wireless and battery powered, making it quick and straightforward to install with no hassle. Freedor will continually listen out for the sound of the fire alarm and once verified, will automatically close the doors.

Freedor provides easier entry for people to walk through buildings where fire doors are fitted and is ideal for busy premises such as care homes, hotels, offices and restaurants. Complying with the relevant British and European standards, Freedor is a quick, easy and ideal solution to the problem of wedged open fire doors.

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New testing for FSi PipeBloc PCP & PWP pipe closers

FSiPipeBloc PCP Collars from FSi Ltd have now completed a rigorous testing programme after years of development. PipeBloc PCP has achieved EI120 under tests to EN1366-3, with a maximum diameter of 250mm and a shell depth of 30mm and 40mm.

This product can now be installed in flexible wall, rigid wall and rigid floor constructions and is compatible with polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and PVC pipes. Tested with various end capping configurations both uncapped U/U and capped U/C and C/U pipes, giving the PipeBloc PCP a very versatile size and type usage range.

PipeBloc PWP Wraps are also part of the pipe closer range offered by FSi, the wraps are also tested to EN1366-3 to EI120. The pipe wraps are tested to be compatible with PVC, polypropylene and PE up to 200mm diameter pipes, tested through flexible walls, rigid walls and floor constructions.

FSi are committed to ensuring that their products offer the best tested, practical and cost effective solutions in the worldwide market. Visit the website for further new developments or call +44 (0) 1530 515130.

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Promat helps protect Genome Campus

PromatPromat UK provided detailed technical guidance, plus its Promat PROMATECT®-250 lightweight board, to help create 60 minutes of passive fire protection for the structural steelwork of a new office building on the Wellcome Trust’s ‘Genome Campus’ in Hinxton.

The structural steelwork on this building was fabricated to form “cellform” beams penetrated by services. Fire protection to this type of beam would normally be achieved using a sprayed system. However, due to the acoustic performance requirements, this was simply not possible.

“We knew that Promat PROMATECT®-250 board could deliver the 60 minutes’ fire protection we needed, but were not sure about the acoustic performance,” says Gary Rutherford of Fire Shield, who specified and installed the fire protection.

“Promat worked closely with us to create all the necessary drawings, as the various service penetrations meant that a very careful approach was required to the detailing. They also provided a full, independent acoustic performance report. This helped us convince our client that the Promat PROMATECT®-250 solution would perform from both a fire protection and acoustic standpoint.”

The 20mm thick Promat PROMATECT®-250 was used to encase the cell form steel beams and allow service penetrations to be accommodated without compromising the fire protection in any way. To ensure that acoustic insulation levels were consistent throughout the building, the Promat PROMATECT®-250 board was used to clad all the steelwork, even in areas where fire protection was not actually required.  

For more information please visit the website or call 01344 381350

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Ruskin extends CE marked damper range

RuskinRuskin Air Management extended its range of CE mark compliant products by completing the relevant testing and accreditation of its range of CSS circular smoke and fire dampers.

CSS dampers are manufactured by Actionair for air conditioning and ventilation systems that need up to two hours fire protection. They can be installed in standard circular spiral duct systems where the duct passes through fire rated walls.

These circular bladed dampers are equipped with fail safe spring closing and factory-fitted electrical reset control modes, located outside of the ductwork for easy access and installation.CSS dampers are ES rated, tested to the European standard EN 1366-2 and manufactured to BS EN 1506. They come complete with an easy fit flange system to speed up installation and are available in a number of circular sizes, between 100 and 355mm diameter, to suit 50mm thermal insulated or non-insulated circular ductwork.

CSS dampers include an Electrical Thermal Release (ETR) feature, which is common across all Actionair smoke and fire dampers. They also incorporate a patented seal that provide ES leakage performance at both ambient and fire conditions, and are housed in a galvanised case complete with two installation flanges for easy fitting into stud and solid wall applications.

They can be used where the system pressure is up to 1,500Pa and with duct velocities of 15m per second.

“Since the launch of mandatory CE marking last summer, we have seen a surge in demand for properly tested and verified products, particularly in safety critical systems such as fire rated ductwork,” said Ruskin Marketing Manager Charles Shillitoe.

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New Sherwin-Williams steel coating offers rapid curing

Sherwin-WillliamsThe FIRETEX FX6000 intumescent fire protection coating from Sherwin-Williams is changing the face of fire protection for steel structures with its ultra-rapid drying process and high durability.

FIRETEX FX6000 reduces drying time to just one hour, speeding up projects in the coating shop. In addition, there is durability of up to 20 years and improved adhesion and hardness – all without affecting the aesthetic appearance.

Sherwin-Williams believes these are major benefits to the marketplace for the protection of steel beams, columns and braces used in major building projects.

The fire protection performance of the patented FIRETEX FX6000 technology is independently certified under Exova Warringtonfire’s Certifire scheme and in durability testing under ETAG 18 Part 2. It meets the requirements for Type X, internal, semi-exposed and exposed locations.

Rick Perkins, FIRETEX Project Development Manager for Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings Europe (EMEA), said: “This technology means there is a much faster throughput in the shop, less mechanical handling damage and the potential to save costs on heating in the shop.”

“We have listened to our customers who want quicker drying times to speed up projects and make further project efficiencies.”

Trials have already proved successful, and customers are starting to use the technology for the first time on major projects.

Sherwin-Williams has supplied its diverse range of fire protection coatings to a number of landmark construction and engineering projects including The Shard and the Leadenhall Building, known as ‘The Cheesegrater’, in London; and Azerbaijan’s Flame Towers.

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Siderise offer advice on acoustic performance

SideriseFortunately deaths from fire are rare but disturbance to people’s everyday lives through noise pollution is on the increase.  Local authorities in the UK receive more complaints from residents about noise than any other issue. This is why ASFP members are facing increasing requirements relating to how fire protection measures perform acoustically.

In addition to their traditional Lamatherm brands for fire protection, Siderise also manufacture acoustic products designed to enhance the performance of fire seals at the slab edge as well as the performance of the façade itself. 

Andy Kay, Siderise Global Façade Manager recently presented a paper at the Annual Façade Design Conference in Qatar. The seminar looked at the different sound paths that can affect curtain wall performance and a range of remedies to assist architects, contractors and building owners to meet the ever more demanding acoustic specifications.

Acoustic requirements under Approved Document E, whilst high are being deemed insufficient by many clients and more stringent values are constantly being specified.  With the proliferation of new residential and office buildings, not just in London but throughout the UK, many ASFP members are looking for assistance in meeting the acoustic specifications.

Siderise have three qualified acousticians that are all members of the Institute of Acoustics. Their expertise can be invaluable to ASFP members and interested parties in all areas of acoustic design within a building.  They also offer a range of CPD presentations on fire protection and acoustics. 

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Expert advice from SIG

SIGSIG Distribution’s Fire Protection Specialists provide expert advice to customers looking to install passive fire protection to hospitals, care facilities and commercial buildings.

Complying with fire safety legislation can be difficult without adequate understanding of the logic behind the law. SIG can help to identify the correct product for the right application to achieve the desired fire performance. This knowledge is particularly crucial when considering the rate at which fire and smoke can manifest.
The SIG Fire Protection Specialist team undertakes continuous, rigorous training and development from the ASFP and also key fire protection and fire stopping product manufacturers, placing SIG in an excellent position to offer expert and trusted advice on the supply of fire protection products and systems.

SIG Fire Protection Specialists provide a technical advice service for all SIG Distribution customers across all brands and locations including: SIG Insulation, Interiors, Technical Insulation, Fixings, Construction Accessories and Commercial Drainage.

SIG Distribution has further enhanced its service offering by extending its national stock profile to guarantee local stock holding of product from the leading manufacturers of fire protection products.

Richard Walker, Business Development Director, SIG Technical Insulation said: "We recognise that fire protection can be a confusing and laborious task for businesses, so we’re delighted to introduce our initiative in order to provide a clear set of answers for customers looking for expert advice."

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Sika adds to Unitherm range

SikaSika has added the Unitherm Platinum one coat, solvent free system to its Unitherm range of fire protection solutions.

Using epoxy technology, the Sika Unitherm Platinum system is suitable for both interior and exterior use. Certified to BS 476-21 and EN 13381-8, it offers protection for up to 120 minutes.

The company says the new product is simple to apply and requires no reinforcement, making it ideal for use on structural steelwork, including columns, girders and frameworks, along with castellated and complex steel building elements.

Unitherm Platinum can also be applied to cantered beams without the risk of cracking after installation, thus preserving the aesthetics of the steel structure.

Sika Unitherm Platinum offers fast coating and curing. It is touch dry in 12 hours and, after just 24 hours, the steel can be moved outside for storage without risk of damage from rain or other adverse weather conditions.

High mechanical impact shock and abrasion resistance means the steel does not need additional protection when being transported or assembled on site. The coating is flexible and can tolerate being knocked, banged or bashed, with little or no sign of damage, keeping costly repairs and unsightly flaking of new structures to a minimum.

Sika says that, as a result, Unitherm Platinum offers substantial overall savings in installation time and labour. To watch a video of Unitherm Platinum, please visit

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Latest Steelcalc version now available

FPSIThe latest update to fire protection software Steelcalc Version 6, from FPSI Ltd has just been issued to all users. It is the 65th revision of data altogether and the 6th in the last 10 months.

Frequent changes to existing products and the launch of new ones, mean it is important to have the most up-to-date version of Steelcalc software to keep quoting correctly and competitively.

The latest software enables users to accurately input data using partial exposed steels, ledger angles, plates and CUBs, then analyse and uniquely compare the different products on the market.

The package covers intumescents, boards and sprays and users can move schedules between these types.  A lower cost, single product is also available.

For those that haven’t tried Steelcalc 6 before, a demo version and quote can be requested from the Steelcalc website. Alternatively ring Geoff Pimm on +44 (0) 1926 512098.

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SIV wins Fire Excellence Award

SIVSIV Fire Protection has been named the winner of the best “Passive Fire Protection Project of The Year” at the IFSEC Fire & Security Excellence Awards.

The winning title for the most innovative and exciting built in fire protection project in the UK was awarded to SIV for its fire protection work in 70 occupied residential buildings in London and the surrounding counties. SIV was appointed as the specialist fire stopping supplier for the fire protection work and completed the technically challenging works in extremely difficult circumstances.

Stan Ivanchev, Managing Director for SIV's passive fire protection team, commented:

“Innovation is always an integral part of our work. In 2014 the Best Passive Fire Protection Project Award was opened to manufacturers as well as installers, so the competition was even stronger and we are delighted that our original thinking and resourceful solutions have been recognised from the association that represents the fire safety across the world.”

The judging panel for the IFESC’s Fire & Security Excellence Awards 2014 commented: “Our winner was a quality project delivered with exceptional service to an extremely high level, on time and within the budget.”

Comedian and impressionist Alistair McGowan presented the awards, which are known as “the Oscars of the fire and security world” during a black tie gala ceremony at the London Hilton on Park in November 2014.

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Ductwork solutions from Air Force H&V

Air Force H&VAir Force H&V Limited manufactures, supplies, and installs the SAFE4 Fire Ductwork System, tested to BS and EN standards, in both insulated and uninsulated forms. 

The company offers a full range of installation solutions including bespoke equipment for ventilation and ductwork challenges. With 60 years’ experience they are confident they know what works and what doesn’t and they provide a full hand-holding experience for their customers, every step of the way.

Testimony to the responsiveness of the company comes from the fact that much of the business is repeat business, with customers expressing their preference to work with them time and time again. 

Air Force H&V prides itself on delivering a first class service, from the initial quotation to final handover. The company is accredited to ISO 9001: 2008 for quality; ISO 14001: 2004 for Environmental Management; and OHSAS 18001: 2007 for safety;  providing internationally recognised assurance processes, for manufacture and project management. 

As members of the Certifire and Firas schemes, Air Force H&V offers assurance for life safety systems and are pro-active in ensuring SAFE4 standards are met.

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