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Issue 24 - April 2016

Have your say on ASFP services

ASFPThe Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) strives to ensure that the information and services that it makes available continue to offer value to all those who utilise it.

To ensure that we continue to offer the type of services that you require, the ASFP is asking for your feedback. We would be grateful for a few minutes of your time to complete our Services Survey. It should take no more than three to five minutes to complete.

The ASFP offers a range of services to help raise awareness of passive fire protection and to educate all involved in the design, specification, installation and maintenance of passive fire protection products.

The ASFP’s publications and videos offer technical and best practice advice. Its CPD seminars, presentations and training courses aim to ensure understanding and competence for all; and its membership services ensure that all ASFP members are kept up to date with the latest technical, regulatory and application standards.

The ASFP website offers access for all to ASFP’s popular technical guidance documents and videos and provides a portal to all ASFP services. It also offers a membership search facility so you can find the specialist product or contractor that you need. 

Have your say on our existing services and tell us what you need going forward by completing the ASFP Services Survey

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PassiveTec wins Heathrow refurbishment

PassiveTecPassiveTec®, a new entrant to the passive fire protection world, has been awarded the prestigious refurbishment of Heathrow's tunnels.

PassiveTec® fire boards have been used both as soffit lining and wall cladding to provide a complete RWS standard of protection in both the main tunnels and cargo tunnel. The refurbishment covers the two lane inbound/outbound tunnels, along with side bores and a cargo tunnel on the air side.

The highly innovative solution uses the thinnest RWS rated board available globally. At just 24mm, Nick Beedle, Head of Operations at VVB Engineering Services, the project's M&E contractors said:

"This is a cost efficient, visually attractive installation created from a world-class product and a collaborative approach from PassiveTec."

The product is a joint venture between SIG plc, Europe's largest distributor of specialist construction materials, and PFP Fire Systems, a group of experienced fire protection engineers.

Simon Burgess, Director at SIG Plc said: "This is a highly important strategic move for us as we build our presence in the global infrastructure market. Our own brand and service model offer tunnel contractors genuine choice when they select their passive fire protection partners."

Due for completion later in 2016, it is part of a significant upgrade of infrastructure and fire safety at Europe's busiest airport.

Simon MacDonald, PFP Fire Systems Managing Director said: "The win is a highly significant event for fire protection in tunnels worldwide that will alter the competitive context permanently for the benefit of all connected to the industry."

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Belimo protects University of Hamm-Lippstadt

BelimoBelimo’s BKN230-24-MOD communication and power supply units have enabled the implementation of an ingenious ventilation and fire protection solution for award-winning new campus buildings at the University of Hamm and Lippstadt in Germany.

The innovative ventilation concept required a total of 900 fire damper actuators to be integrated into the building automation so that the DDC/PLC devices could take over corresponding control and regulation tasks in the event of fire.

The Belimo BKN230-24-MOD communication and power supply units enabled the implementation of ready-to-connect actuators and offered a 230V power supply for the signalling modules. The use of a connection via the ‘Modbus RTU’ field bus allowed for a self-monitoring communication transmission concept that includes monitoring of malfunction messages.

Commenting on the project, the University stated:

“Industry solutions are often implemented with external servers, which means that communication does not always function smoothly. With the solution from Belimo, we are kept informed on a permanent basis and can intervene immediately in the event of a malfunction”.

The campus at Hamm, which was inaugurated in 2014, has received the ‘Ionic Award’ for design. The University is dedicated to the so called ‘MINT’ subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) and has space in its state-of the-art laboratories, lecture halls and seminar rooms for up to 4000 students and 120 professorships for research and teaching.

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FSi focuses on common installations

FSiThe start of 2016 has seen exciting developments to existing FSi products, with still more to come. FSi has recognised the requirement to broaden the test data on its well-established, CE-marked ‘Stopseal Fire Batt’.

Stopseal Fire Batt is a stone wool core coated with an ablative coating and, when used in conjunction with Pyrocoustic Sealant, offers a strong fire resistance over a wide range of penetrating services to alleviate many ‘on site’ difficulties.  

FSi’s Patress or face fit solution is a common installation practice within the passive fire protection industry, which is mostly untested. FSi now has a wide range of services tested through large apertures with the Stopseal Fire Batt system, achieving EI 120 on a full range of cables commonly used across Europe.

Insulation around metallic services is another common detail that installers come up against. Stopseal Fire Batt is tested to be installed around these services in conjunction with PipeBloc EL (intumescent wrap). The FSi ‘Wrap and Batt’ solution is covered for use around elastomeric foam insulation, phenolic insulation, glass and stone wool insulation.

Multi-layered PEX pipes are becoming more common within the construction industry. FSi made the decision to test this product penetrating Stopseal Fire Batt. The test incorporated PyroPro HPE (high pressure expanding sealant) in single batt, double batt in a wall and double batt in floor achieving up to EI 120.

For more information please contact the team at FSi by emailing or calling +44 (0) 1530 515130.

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Unrivalled drying from Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin WilliamsFIRETEX® FX6000 intumescent fire protection from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), offers 15 to 120 minutes of fire protection. It is an ultra-rapid drying, highly durable intumescent paint which takes just one hour to dry and can be exposed to weather after just four hours. Other solvent-based coatings can take up to a week to reach full specified dry-film thickness.

Currently there is no other product on the market which rivals either its ability to dry so rapidly or its durability. These qualities mean a much faster throughput in the shop, improved productivity, less mechanical handling damage and the potential to save costs on heating.

FX6000 can be used in all environments from C1 to severe internal environments and industrial external exposure up to C5I. With an appropriate top coat FX6000 has up to 20 years of durability in a C4 environment and can resist normal weather conditions for up to six months without a top coat during the construction phase. 

A truly ground breaking product, FX6000 has recently been used on a £45m development  at Glasgow Forte, one of Scotland’s leading shopping developments, where it is offering up to 60 minutes’ fire protection to stairwells and retail units. Many more projects are in the pipe line.

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High rise advice from Exova Warringtonfire

Exova WarringtonfireSeveral recent fires in high-rise buildings have highlighted the importance of designing fire safety into the construction of building facades says Michel Wizenberg, General Manager of Exova Warringtonfire.

The fires involved rapid vertical fire spread via combustible cladding finishes and insulation, exacerbated by vertical cavities and a plentiful supply of combustion air. As facade fires are all too common, it is increasingly important that fire risk is taken into account at the design stage. Exova Warringtonfire recommends four suitable options to provide an acceptable cladding system:

- Use materials of limited combustibility (MOLC) for all elements of the cladding system, including the insulation, internal lining board and the external facing material. 

- Submit evidence that the complete proposed external cladding system has been fire tested in accordance with BS 8414 Parts 1 & 2 or NFPA 285 by an independent accredited body.

- Where no fire test data exists for a particular system, a desktop study report from a qualified fire specialist stating whether, in their opinion, the proposed system meets BR135 criteria can be submitted. However, this should be supported by test data from an independent accredited testing body, referencing the tests carried out.

- Consider a holistic fire engineered approach for the entire building, which is recognized in NFPA and the British Standards as an acceptable alternative approach.

By using available guidance, such as BR135: Fire Performance of External Thermal Insulation for Walls of Multi-storey Buildings, and choosing the best option for new build projects, innovation in building design can be facilitated without compromising fire safety.

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FPCL adds Crown Timonox to its range

FPCLFire Protection Coatings Limited has announced that it will distribute the Crown Timonox Flame Retardant Coating Range.

The Timonox range of products are manufactured by Crown and is designed to fire protect walls, ceilings and wood based substrates. Timonox can be applied onto new combustible or non-combustible surfaces providing excellent flame retardant properties, maintaining the fire rating of the construction.

Timonox has been fully tested to BS476 Parts 6 & 7 (Class 1 and 0) and Euro Class B (BS EN ISO 11295-2 and BS EN 13823). All products have been independently assessed on a wide variety of substrates.

The range comes with bonding primers, upgrade basecoats, acrylic eggshells, vinyl silk and matt for ceilings and walls. Additionally, there is a scrubbable matt for more arduous situations, a clear top coat and an anti-graffiti flame retardant glaze. Timonox has a full range of BS and RAL colours for every situation.

FPCL Sales Director Darren Atkins stated:
“This is an exciting addition to our fire retardant range of coatings and our Coventry based team are there to help our customers with the selection process.”

FPCL will also offer a full range of Crown Trade paint products. For further information contact FPCL on tel: 02476 422200; email:;  or visit or

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Firetherm expands Central London fleet

FirethermFiretherm has announced the purchase of several new vehicles to further improve its next day delivery service into Central London for fire stopping products. The entire fleet is being replaced and extended during Spring 2016

Firetherm’s curtain-sided vehicles and long wheel-based transit vans are already a familiar sight around the capital, delivering a full fire protection range including batts, mastics, sealants, intumescent coatings, compounds and pipe collars.

Commenting on the new arrivals, Firetherm Commercial Director Gary Pullinger said:

“Firetherm’s key strengths are not only its high quality range of products, but also the ability to get them into London and surrounding areas when and where our customers want them.

“Orders placed before cut-off are invariably delivered next day, allowing skilled installers to get on with the job, instead of continually using their valuable time to go and pick up products.

“With the London market more active than ever, both in terms of refurbishment and new build, we are experiencing higher demand than ever for our service, and this investment in transport allows us to respond to the needs of the specialist fire-stopping contractor.”

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New manager for BRE Global PFP installer schemes

BRE GlobalBRE Global has appointed Philip Brownhill to manage its LPCB approval schemes for installers of passive fire protection systems. The schemes ensure that installers are appropriately trained and have the necessary expertise to install or apply the product correctly in buildings and infrastructure.

Philip brings with him significant experience in the fire protection industry, initially working with Promat and then with Cafco, where he was involved in promoting the Cafco range of products to construction, petrochemical and tunnel markets across the world.

In 2012, he joined Isolatek International, the American owners of the Cafco brands, where he helped set up Isolatek Europe and established a strong presence for three of their core sprayed products.

Philip sits on several key technical committees for the advancement of fire protection including the Association of Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) technical task groups; the BSI Standards Development Committee addressing the Fire Resistance for Protection Systems; and the CEPE Intumescent Coating Technical Committee.

Stephen Howard, Director of Fire Testing & Certification at BRE Global said, “We are delighted to have Philip on board. His extensive experience in the industry plus his representation on key technical committees adds to our strong technical base which is essential when incorporating new products and techniques into our installer schemes.”

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SIKA launches innovative coating

SikaGlobal building product manufacturer, Sika, has launched an innovative high-performance fire protection coating system designed for use on structural steel.

Sika Unitherm Platinum is a one coat, factory-applied system that offers high mechanical strength and impact resistance, helping to eliminate time-consuming onsite application and create a safer way to protect steel frame structures.

The system’s high mechanical strength, shock impact and abrasion resistance provide a robust safeguard against the long-term effects of wear and tear. Being solvent-free, it is easily applied with standard airless spray equipment, requires no reinforcement, cures rapidly to a very tough and damage resistant finish, and is ready for handling the next day.

Sika Unitherm Platinum can also be applied with or without primer and top coat for indoor and outdoor use. It has excellent corrosion protection properties in high humidity and severe environmental conditions according to SN EN ISO 12944-5 up to C5-I and C5-M.

As well as its high-performance fire and corrosion protection properties, Sika Unitherm Platinum provides a coating surface which is quick and easy to clean with high-pressure water as it contains fire and corrosive properties which are unaffected by water.

Mark Bushell, Sika Business Unit Manager said: “Unitherm Platinum is a super-strong, one-coat system which provides total protection for structural steel installations in all weathers and environments. As it can be applied prior to construction, we have not only created a coating which simplifies installation, it has ensured a safer application process.”

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Continued expansion for IFC

IFCFollowing another year of success and growth, the IFC Group continues to expand its Engineering, Certification and support teams, as well as its office and training facilities.

IFC has made several new appointments. Robert Axe joined the Product Evaluation team. Having led a team of testing and assurance engineers at one of the UK’s leading fire testing facilities, Rob has extensive experience in a wide range of products and systems.

Meanwhile, Angus Sangster and Doug MacKinnon have joined IFC’s Fire Engineering team to help ensure that all aspects of construction are factored into IFC’s fire strategy designs. Angus brings over 30 years of experience at London Fire Brigade in their Fire Engineering and operational teams, while Doug MacKinnon offers fire safety expertise from an insurance background.

The IFC Group is also continuing to support the passive fire market with a wide range of seminars. Colin Keeley is delivering a series of training seminars on regulations, compartmentation, fire-stopping, testing and assurance throughout 2016 to local authorities, architects, manufacturers, contractors and others. Ian Woodhouse, Director of IFC Certification Ltd and ASFP Council member, supported the ASFP recently at FM Ireland with a presentation on the benefits of robust third party certification.

Graham Wiles, IFC Group Managing Director, declares: ‘Our success is down to the hard work, technical experience and prowess of our staff and our customer-focused teams. With the addition of Secured By Design and ISO 9001 Quality Management this year, we are listening and delivering great service to our clients.”

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Nullifire SC802 offers 60 minutes’ protection

NullifireNullifire, a tremco illbruck brand, has launched SC802, a new water-based intumescent basecoat targeted at the important 60-minute sector for on-site fire protection.

The new formulation provides an impressive 15% average loading improvement over its successful predecessor, Nullifire S707-60, which has been the market leader for over a decade. 

SC802 is available as a sprayable coating to provide highly competitive loadings on I-Sections, Hollow Sections and Cellular beams. A key feature is that only one product is required for all these steel types. Customer trials indicate SC802 is very easy to spray and offers reduced downtime on-site, as most steelwork can be protected by just a single coat.

SC802 is compatible with the full selection of Nullifire primers and top seals for peace of mind. Additionally, this product is well within the latest environmental standards, being water-based and low odour – VOCs are just 6 g/l.

Test data and certification for Nullifire SC802 is available in accordance with BS476 Part 21: 1987. SC802 has been independently assessed by Certifire and approved for 30-60 minutes projects. The spray applied, reactive intumescent coating is also in accordance with the ASFP Yellow Book Fire Resistance Classification – Revision 5.

As a single pack product, SC802 is ready to use and achieves a smooth and aesthetic matt finish. Nullifire’s expert technical team, meanwhile, offers support on specification, site surveys and project specification.

For further information please visit

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Siderise/BRE conference considers facades

SideriseOver 170 delegates attended the Siderise Group/BRE “Facades” conference on the 13 January at BRE Watford. The full day event included technical papers, presented by internationally renowned presenters from a range of stakeholders and focused on two main topics, Fire Safety and Acoustic behaviours of facades.

BRE gave insights into BS 8414 testing and their new third party accreditation scheme, whilst Arup, Priedemann, and the Building Control Alliance gave their own unique perspectives on façade design, construction, certification and installation. Clarke Saunders Acoustics shared their views on façade design in respect of acoustics. Niall Rowan, Technical Officer of the ASFP, presented a paper on fire testing for cavity barriers and firestops. The Siderise Group also shared with the audience its full range of design, manufacture and on site services.

The conference attracted a diverse audience, with delegates from design, manufacture and installation all sharing and exchanging valuable insights and ideas. The event also attracted interest from overseas with visitors from Europe, the UAE, and India, underlining the international nature and the common challenges of the facades industry.

The Siderise Group, a specialist in this arena for over 35 years, is proud to be able to contribute to industry development by organising this event, and will look to continue to be a market-leading contributor in respect of fire and acoustic solutions.

Conference presentations can be downloaded from

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Ash Fire wins prestigious contracts

AshThe Naturvent Ventilation System by Ash Fire Management has recently been chosen as the preferred solution in two very problematic situations.

Whilst planning for major refurbishments to a primary school in Hertfordshire, the Board of Governors chose Naturvent for the school’s high risk areas. The school has a planned kitchen area for the teaching of basic cookery skills. Naturvent has been specified to manage the risk from smoke and fire.  Smoke has long been recognised as not only disorientating but disabling, and by removing this element of a fire incident, Naturvent assists the safe evacuation of all persons within the building.

In Leicester, following a constant stream of false fire alarms, the owners of two social housing apartment blocks specified Naturvent systems, including the new Naturvent Sliding Smoke Ventilation (SSV), to manage the implementation of a ‘Stay Put’ policy, so avoiding the mass evacuation at any time of the multiple occupancy building.

The Naturvent System is independent of manual call points and utilises addressable smoke detection on any given level in a high rise building. Should the fire spread from level to level, the safe escape route will be protected by the combination of the SSVs in the lobbies and the Naturvent system in the stairwell. Naturvent SSV delivers the maximum possible free air movement to any given area whilst the Naturvent system deals with the heated buoyant toxic smoke.

For bespoke fire risk solutions and more information about the Naturvent systems visit; or tel:  0203 086 7003 or 02292 628510

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ARC on winning streak

ARCARC Building Solutions has been selected as a finalist in the 2016 Construction News Awards and the Housebuilder Product Awards 2016.

The ARC T-Barrier has made the shortlist from among a record number of entrants in the Commercial Innovation category of the Construction News Awards. It has also been selected as a finalist in the Best Building Fabric Product category of the Housebuilder Product Awards. In addition, the ARC Eaves Insulator has been shortlisted in the Best Brand New Product category of the Housebuilder Product Awards.

The ARC T-Barrier® is suitable for use in masonry, timber or metal frame constructions. It achieves a zero U-value, providing an effective edge seal and fire barrier at the party wall junction. It provides up to 4 hours fire integrity in masonry and metal frame applications and one hour for timber frames.

Winners of the Housebuilder Product Awards will be announced at a live awards presentation on 29 June at Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham. All the winners will be entered as finalists in the ‘Product of the Year’ category at the Housebuilder Awards on 3 November 2016.

The winners in the Construction News Awards will be announced on 14 July 2016 at a ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London. All finalists will attend face-to-face judging by members of a 61-strong jury, made up of the most influential clients and experts in the UK.

Construction News’ editor Rebecca Evans commented:

“This year’s Construction News finalists are at the leading edge of UK construction, setting the standards for the whole industry to follow and ensuring their businesses are innovating for the future.”

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Coopers Fire offers tall building solutions

Coopers FireCoopers Fire will be offering advice and explaining how fire curtain barrier systems may be used to provide boundary protection to both new and existing buildings at the Smart Skyscrapers Summit in Dubai on 16-17 May.

Four major fires in tall buildings in the UAE over the last four years have focused attention on the potential for external fire spread via non-fire-rated building facades, with the most recent fire in a residential tower in the Ajman emirate reported to have spread from one building to an adjacent block.

Although a new Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice, due to be introduced in the UAE in April 2016, is expected to address many of the issues relating to new buildings, there still remain concerns about existing buildings.

Coopers Fire suggests that fire barrier curtains have an important role to play both in upgrading existing buildings retrospectively to improve life safety and in protecting new projects at the point of design or construction. The company has developed a range of vertical fire barrier curtains to meet the specific needs of boundary protection, providing a perfect solution to prevent the spread of fire in tall buildings.

Every Coopers’ fire curtain is third party accredited to BS, EN and UL standards, including the new British Standard for fire curtains BS 8524 Parts 1 and 2. Coopers Fire also has independent third party accreditation for the installation, commissioning and servicing of fire and smoke curtains. 

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Certifire approval for Soben International

SobenSoben International is proud to announce it has obtained Certifire approval for its high performance FP-900 product line.

Certifire provided third party certification for Soben International’s FP-900 ventilation duct and general building services enclosure systems. The backing of this independent third party scheme assures regulators, specifiers, customers and end-users of FP-900’s performance, quality, reliability and traceability.  

FP-900 is a high quality cellulose fibre-reinforced calcium silicate board that is a strong and lightweight, non-combustible building board for use in many fire-resisting applications. In addition to the Certifire approval, the FP-900 is also manufactured to ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system, and has obtained the Green Product Label Awards issued by Hong Kong and Singapore Green Council. 

Soben International Executive Director, Hadfield Ling said:“As Soben International expands into Europe, product certification from Certifire is essential to our growth strategy. The achievement of this third party approval is testament to Soben’s commitment to exclusively manufacturing and distributing high quality and high performance building solutions.”

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Independent intumescent inspections from Firespec

FirespecFirespec is an intumescent coatings consultancy providing specialist inspection and estimation services. Being completely independent of all other parties, Firespec reports are fully impartial.

Firespec estimated over twenty million square metres of structural steel on projects worldwide last year. As an independent estimator, Firespec delivers accurate, on time quantities to clients, enabling reduced tendering periods and like-for-like comparisons between sub-contractors.

Firespec’s independent inspection service has found some seriously worrying issues that consistently appear on UK wide projects. These include low paint thickness, which yields inadequate protection; poor or improper application techniques; contaminated surfaces; and even incorrect paperwork. Whilst there are many conscientious intumescent contractors carrying out good quality applications, these findings clearly highlight the need for further independent inspections.

Intumescent coatings are understandably the fire protection method of choice for structural steel. However, they can only work properly when applied correctly. Under CDM and building regulations, project staff are running the risk of liability should there be a death in the event of a fire. In the post construction phase; under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, any party passing on information regarding the fire protection package without knowing its validity, would become liable.

Firespec offers a series of educational videos for main contractors and specifiers on the problems encountered. To view, visit Firespec’s YouTube channel or the news section of its website. For further information call 01738 230131.

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ASFP hosts Passive Fire Protection Zone at Firex International

FirexThe Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) will be welcoming visitors to the ASFP Passive Fire Protection Zone, at Firex International in London’s ExCel on 21-23 June.

The ASFP’s stand (D179), featuring a 12 square metre video screen, will be the focal point of the Zone, which brings together in one location a number of ASFP member companies, representing a cross section of the passive fire protection sector.

The Zone aims to provide easy access for facilities managers, contractors, services installers, Responsible Persons and designers to advice, products, services and best practice in relation to ‘built-in’ fire protection.

The Zone will allow visitors to gain a greater understanding of the essential role of passive fire protection within today’s built environment. The ASFP will be showcasing its range of services, from publications and videos to technical advice, seminars, training and member support. While expert representatives from ASFP member companies will be on hand to address visitors’ specific questions and concerns relating to the specification, installation, inspection and management of passive fire protection.

The ASFP will also be holding an interactive question time event in the UBM Arena Lecture Theatre from 10.30am-12pm on Wednesday 22 June 2016, giving visitors an opportunity to question a range of experts from across the built environment on passive fire protection issues that may impact their business. A panel of experts made up of eminent specialists from within their industry discipline, will offer opinion and stimulate debate on issues that are of direct concern. 

Speakers will represent the views of the architect/designer; fire engineer; main contractor; passive fire protection installer; passive fire protection manufacturer; certification bodies; fire service; building control; facilities manager; insurer; and the building owner.

Click for for further details of Firex International

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