Association for Specialist Fire Protection

Issue 26 - April 2017

ASFP announces Manchester seminar

ASFPThe Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is pleased to announce that the first of its 2017 regional seminars, held in collaboration with LABC, will take place at the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Training Centre on 26 April. 

Starting with a breakfast roll at 8.45am and finishing around 12.30pm, these free morning events provide essential advice on all aspects of passive fire protection; its specification, installation, inspection and maintenance.

Aimed at improving awareness of passive fire protection, Understanding Passive Fire Protection, offers presentations on all aspects of passive fire protection, including fire doors and door hardware; fire-resistant glazing; fire ducts and dampers; structural fire protection; compartment wall penetrations and firestopping.

It also offers an insight into  fire risk assessment and what to look for in relation to passive fire protection.

The event is suitable for anyone who is responsible for specifying or inspecting passive fire protection or those appointing trades that could cause damage to existing fire protection in the process of their work. It should particularly appeal to practising Fire Risk Assessors, Responsible Persons, Local Authorities, Facilities Managers, Building Control, and Care Home Providers.

The first event will take place at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Training Centre, Cassidy Close, Manchester M4 5HU

A further event will take place at Glasgow SECC on Thurday 4 May (see below) with other events planned in Leeds, and London later in the year. For further information email: or click here to book the Manchester seminar.

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PFC Corofil solution for Lewisham Gateway

PFCPFC Corofil was delighted to be involved in the construction of an exciting and vibrant new mixed-use development in South East London. Lewisham Gateway is a residential and retail solution designed to unify the previously closed-off town centre. Opening up transport links and uniting the surrounding communities, it involved, among other structures, the construction of a 25 storey residential tower block.

The build specification required a decorative stone rainscreen cladding panel and a passive fire protection solution which could accommodate a fully ventilated vertical and horizontal cavity firestop behind the panels, providing the required fire protection for both the cavity size and the type of building.

To achieve this and provide a safer and more effective passive fire protection system, PFC Corofil worked with the project designer, main contractor and sub-contractor providing technical advice and support to develop a bespoke solution.

The resulting specification, which included a 120 minute horizontal ventilated rainscreen fire barrier and a 60 minute vertical ventilated rainscreen fire barrier, resulted in a fully protected and fire-rated rainscreen cavity barrier system ready for the next stage of the build.

Sub-contractor Stanta Crowley Ltd stated: ‘Stanta were happy to use PFC Corofil on this project as they provided good technical support during early design, followed by site inspection visits once the material was specified and installed.’

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PassiveTec selected for Oslo tunnel

PassivetecPassiveTec’s innovative tunnel fire protection technology has been selected and installed for the renovation of Oslo’s Tåsen Tunnel.

To achieve a required 120 minutes fire protection (based on the RWS time/temperature curve), PassiveTec fireboards were applied as wall cladding in the tunnel. PassiveTec  XT intumescent sealant was used for the expansion/construction joints, together with Fischer FNA II A4 anchors and tunnel coating from Kapyfract AG.

The 24mm PassiveTec® Tunnel Liner used is the thinnest and lightest globally RWS-rated board. Made-to-measure panels were cut to size and coated off site.

Made from fibre-reinforced magnesium and other refractory products, PassiveTec  fibreboards offer outstanding fire protection performance and excellent stability and durability under humid, wet or freezing conditions and is easy and quick to assemble.

Atle Killerud, Technical Manager at specialist fire protection contractor Firesafe, said: ‘When PassiveTec boards were submitted and tested for use in both tunnel lanes they were found to match – and in most cases exceed – the specification requirements.

‘The boards are currently being installed and project completion on both lanes is expected during the early part of 2017. The project was handled in a professional and efficient manner, with materials being delivered on time.’

PassiveTec director Simon MacDonald said: ‘We are naturally delighted that PassiveTec Tunnel Liner was selected for this important city-centre infrastructure project.

‘This contract again demonstrates that with its ability to achieve superior fire and insulation protection in harsh environments, PassiveTec Tunnel Liner continues to set new standards for fire protection in tunnels.’

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Applus+ offers Jet Fire Test

ApplusThe Applus+ Fire Laboratory has put into service new facilities for undertaking open-field tests. Applus+ is now able to safely conduct Jet Fire Tests under standard ISO 22899-1 that could not be carried out in a conventional fire laboratory.

The test involves assessing the flame resistance of passive fire-protection products (on structural elements, tanks, pipes, valves, etc) in virulent fires with a high rate of flame spread.

The Jet Fire Test simulates the type of fire caused by a leak in a tank, pipe or other equipment in which flammable fuel is being stored or transported under pressure. During the course of the test, temperatures can exceed 1,200˚C and radiation reaches levels of 250Kw/sqm.

The Jet Fire Standard was developed to be combined with in-furnace hydrocarbon curve tests (EN 13381-4 and 8) in order to assess passive fire-protection systems to be applied on structural elements.

Such a combined assessment is required for these materials since tests performed in furnaces do not accurately represent the realities of a fire caused by hydrocarbon-based liquids or gases. This is because the effects of thermal radiation, turbulence and the forces of erosion, among other things, cannot be reproduced realistically in a furnace.

Applus+ has the capacity required to undertake the analytical methodology set out in ISO 22899-2 to achieve both results.

Applus+ is accredited as notified body (CE Mark & Civil Defence Middle East) and a laboratory recognised by EN, BS, ASTM, UL, NFPA and IMO institutions.

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Siderise launches product installation videos

SideriseThe Siderise Group is pleased to announce the launch of two installation guidance videos for its market-leading systems - SIDERISE CW Perimeter Barriers and Firestops, and SIDERISE ‘Open State’ RH and RV cavity barriers.

Certifire-approved SIDERISE CW systems meet the fire and smoke stop, and sound barrier requirements in all architectural cladding panel applications. They maintain continuity of fire resistance by sealing the void between the compartment floors or walls and the external curtain wall, both horizontally and vertically.

SIDERISE RH and RV cavity barriers, used in rainscreen cladding applications, ensure that the system will drain freely, whilst maintaining airflow and providing a seal to the passage of hot smoke and fire.
Thanks to the products’ unique structure, created through a patented method of manufacture, these systems provide unrivalled movement performance and are quick and easy to install.

The videos, available to watch on the company’s website and YouTube channel and form part of the wide range of Site Services that the Façades technical team offers to customers.

To find out more about SIDERISE Site Services download a copy of our brochure, or contact a member of our Façades team.

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International growth for IFC

IFCIFC Group powers ahead with its UK and International expansion strategy with the addition of further team members.  IFC are now believed to be one of the largest UK-based product assessment teams.
IFC have been attending and chairing international standards bodies’ meetings, including ISO, CEN and BS, with meetings in held Korea, Japan, Belgium, Germany, UK and Ireland. In addition, IFC’s representatives recently met senior government figures, including Lord Kerslake (pictured), at the Northern Powerhouse Conference in Manchester. 

IFC Chair and have hosted several meetings for the formed Task Group 7 to develop and draft industry guidance for a new coloured Book on Active Fire Curtains.

IFCC will also be at the FIT show at the NEC Birmingham 23-25 May, promoting its full range of product and installer schemes.  As it continues to develop the range and depth of services and schemes it offers to clients, IFCC will be supporting ‘Secured by Design’.

For further information please contact IFC Group on tel: 01844 275500

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Encon supplies Heraklith A2 panels

EnconEncon Insulation, a leading independent UK distributor of thermal and acoustic insulation products, is proud to supply Heraklith A2 panels, an outstanding fire protection solution suitable for a broad spectrum of insulation applications.

The product combines improved acoustic and thermal performance in a durable, eco-friendly and fire resistant product.

The monolithic wood wool product achieves high fire resistance values and is perfect for insulating structures that are susceptible to instabilities as a result of fire, such as car parks and garages. It also inhibits heat and noise transfer, making it ideal for insulating basement ceilings and technical rooms.

Aesthetically pleasing and easy to install, the boards are resistant to physical damage that can result from day-to-day use. In addition, they can be used for wall and ceiling applications both inside and out.

The panels reduce unwanted noise from the outside and improve acoustic properties of a space with high sound absorption values. Suitable for renovation and new build projects; the panels are pressed with a mineral-bonding agent to create a light, multifunctional insulation board that is sympathetic to the environment in its production and use.

Available in both 1mm and 2mm fibre, the A2 panel achieves REI 60 minutes with fire classification A2, S1, D0. The panels are also fungal resistant and can withstand large amounts of compressive and bending stress.

Encon Insulation is able to offer expert technical guidance to any users.

For further guidance visit; or for more information about Heraklith,visit

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Firespec diversifies service offering

FirespecFirespec specialises in structural steel and passive fire protection consultancy, providing independent inspection and estimation services.

The company is becoming involved in an increasing number of fire protection surveys. This is due in part to a recent spate of claims following the discovery of poor quality workmanship and inadequate fire protection measures all over the country. The results are stark in some cases, highlighting once again the need for independent inspection during and post installation for all types of fire protection materials.

A number of coating failure investigations resulting from wrongly specified intumescent systems in aggressive environments have highlighted that several contractors continue to ignore the correct specifications in favour of a cheaper option, just to win the work.

Firespec continues to diversify its services, and in recent months has worked with a network of highly qualified, experienced surveyors and inspectors to carry out fire door and fire damper surveys.

Additionally, it has continued to add to its client list, and now undertakes contracts for a wide variety of different clientele including fire protection contractors, main contractors, consultants and end user clients and investors.

With such an increase in discipline diversity, Firespec decided it was time to offer a greater quality guarantee. In late 2016, it was awarded ISO 9001:15 and Achilles Building Confidence accreditations. These give its clients the peace of mind that Firespec systems are focused on quality, safety, accountability and traceability, adding tremendous value to its services.

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Gunfire overhauls social housing block

GunfireGunfire was approached to investigate a new build social housing block in Hillingdon which needed an urgent fire protection overhaul, due to extensive fire protection faults. 

The properties were bought to convert to social housing.  A specialist consultant, with an extensive background in fire protection, surveyed the block and highlighted several fundamental issues regarding its firestopping.

The previous contractor had used fire foam to fill several voids of varying sizes. The problem was foam has very limited uses in fire protection work and under no circumstances should it be applied in a 500mm x 500mm void!

The works included: stripping out incorrectly installed fire foam; fire-stopping installation; recording on App software, to complete a comprehensive record of works; and certification of the works.  

The App software gave the client a complete record of all fire protection works undertaken and a full description of works, including photos and marked up project drawings.  This information formed Gunfire’s handover document and a Certificate of Conformity from LPCB confirmed the works met the required standard. 

The client now has complete peace of mind that in the event of a fire, the fire protection will do its job.

Gunfire is now in discussion to ensure other areas of the block are adequately fire protected. These works include cavity barriers and fire doors.

To talk to the Gunfire team about fire protection or concerns about existing fire installations, please contact James Reid:  M: 07739 000574; E: W:

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ARC launches innovative Spandrel Barrier

ARCThe ARC Spandrel Barrier has been developed to provide fire stopping between the party wall blockwork and the spandrel roof panel between properties within rows of semi-detached and terraced houses.

Without effective edge sealing, the party wall cavity between two houses allows the spread of smoke and flames both from the vertical cavity and at the top of the junction where the party wall cavity meets the external cavity. Standard products were problematic to fix by the team on site, impacting the effectiveness of the resulting edge seal. They didn't always address the junction between the top of the wall and spandrel roof panel.

The ARC Spandrel Barrier provides an effective alternative by saving time on site, being easier to fit, as well as out-performing the conventional systems to produce a more effective edge seal.

It was trialled by Bloor Homes (Midlands region) in October/November 2016. Following this successful trial, it was specified nationally by Bloors from February 2016. Successful site trials were carried out by Taylor Wimpey in autumn 2016 in Bristol and Rochdale and specified nationally from January 2017.

The ARC Spandrel Barrier has been tested at Exova Warrington, achieving four hours’ fire integrity in masonry party wall cavity, and up to one hour between a timber spandrel panel and the top of party wall blockwork.

In September 2016, the ARC Spandrel Barrier won the Research Innovation Sustainability and Enterprise (RISE) award for innovation. It has been entered in to the Housebuilder Product Awards for 2017.

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Aran forms new passive fire protection division

AranAran Services, a multi service specialist contractor, in energy efficiency and renewable energy systems, is pleased to announce the formation of a specialist passive fire protection division. This will be headed by Director John Whitefield and Richard Spearman, Senior Contracts Manager.

Aran Services are full contractor members of the ASFP and are third party accredited by the Building Research Establishment under LPS 1531.

John and Richard first worked together 22 years ago, for contractor West Anglia Insulation Ltd. After this period, John went on to be Managing Director of Oak Fire Protection and Richard to G&A Fire Protection as a Director.
Speaking about the move, John stated: ‘It’s like putting the band back together. We are concentrating on high quality installations, supported by third party accreditation.’

Having first advocated this message some 20 years ago in an article in the ASFP Burning Issues newsletter, John declared: ‘It is great to see how third party accreditation has developed into a mature marketplace with multiple accreditation bodies.’

Based in East Anglia and operating throughout England, Aran is pleased to deal with enquiries. For further information or to contact Richard or John please visit their website:

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Airforce protects the Central Bank of Ireland

AirforceSAFE4 was the product of choice for the smoke extraction ductwork system, approved in the new €146 million Central Bank of Ireland headquarters located on the North Wall Quay, Dublin 2..

The 30,000sqm building can house 1,400 staff and contains a range of open floor office areas and meeting rooms. 

SAFE4 is a complete EN 12101-7 tested system, (EN1366-8/9), providing the client with the confidence that the smoke extract ductwork system meets the highest safety standards.  Throughout the building all remaining fire ductwork requirements, were tested to EN 1366-1.  In accordance with ASFP technical guidance documents, the installation was third party certified by FIRAS.

The Central Bank of Ireland project was one of the first developments to insist on the application of the latest standards.  This contributed significantly to compliant certification under the BCar Regulations 2014. 

Air Force H & V together with SAFE4 are actively involved in a number of equally important projects as Ireland continues to implement the EN test standards. 

Further details regarding SAFE4 to EN standards, as well as projects and services, are available at

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SIG announces National Stock Profile initiative

SIGSIG Distribution has extended its stock holding of fire protection materials across its national branch network, to ensure that customers will have greater access to a range of leading passive fire protection products with quick availability from their local branch.

National Fire Protection Manager Nigel Gillingham commented: ‘Our national stock profile guarantees a standard range of products are available locally, with a much more in-depth range at strategic locations allowing shorter lead times on a more comprehensive offering than customers will have seen before.

‘We have undertaken an in-depth review to ensure we are continuing to only stock the ranges that have been fully tested and accredited to allow for customers to install a fully compliant fire protection system.’

The SIG Fire Protection Specialists team, which offers expert advice for customers installing fire protection materials, has been expanded with the addition of David Steel, who brings with him 30 years of experience in the fire protection industry.

David, who will operate across Central and South West England and Wales, commented: ‘With so many products available in the market, making sure customers have that expert advice from either myself or my colleagues in SIG is of upmost importance, as ensuring the right product is used for the right application can help to preserve property and save lives.’

The products in SIG’s National Stock Profile include ranges and systems from Rockwool, Promat, Culimeta Saveguard and Ultra – a range available exclusively to SIG into this growing initiative. All products are covered by SIG Assured.

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New ROCKWOOL Intumescent Pipewrap Roll

RockwoolDeveloped as a simple and more economical alternative to traditional pipe wraps and collars, the new ROCKWOOL Intumescent Pipewrap Roll, avoids the need to carry a wide range of individually sized Intumescent pipe wraps.

Providing up to 4 hours integrity and insulation fire protection, the new ROCKWOOL Intumescent Pipewrap Roll is suitable for fire-stopping a variety of combustible pipes and metallic pipes insulated with combustible insulation in both walls and floors. Key benefits include:

- Simple to install
- No mechanical fixings required
- Water resistant
- Maintenance free
- Supplied as a 25m long roll in a box dispenser
- Available to suit pipes up to 200mm od
- Comprehensively tested
- Available from stock

For more information and to download the full data sheet please visit or contact our technical support team via email or phone 01656 868 490.

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ASFP seminar at Fire Safety Scotland

FSLThe Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) will be exhibiting on stand FS55 at Fire Safety Scotland at the SECC Glasgow on 3-4 May 2017 and will be hosting a breakfast seminar session at the event on Thursday 4 May .

Starting with a breakfast roll, the seminar will take place from 8.15 to 11.30am in the Fire & Evacuation theatre. It will offer delegates an introduction to Understanding Passive Fire Protection, with presentations on all aspects of passive fire protection, including fire doors and door hardware; fire-resistant glazing; fire ducts and dampers; structural fire protection; compartment wall penetrations and firestopping.

The seminar should particularly appeal to practicing Fire Risk Assessors, Responsible Persons, Local Authorities, Facilities Managers, Building Control, and Care Home Providers.

Fire Safety Scotland is co-located with Health & Safety Scotland and Facilities Scotland as part of the Scotland Works series. It provides attendees with access to essential educational seminars on legislation, best practice and recent developments across the fire, security and risk management sector.

Aimed at fire and security professionals, Fire Safety Scotland will also give facilities and health & safety professionals a rounded introduction to the sector.

To register for Fire Safety Scotland and the ASFP seminar visit: You can register for the seminar at the end of the exhibition registration process. For further information on the seminar visit or email:

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FSi Stopseal Batt System leading the way

FSi firestopping stone wool fire protection product Stopseal Batt System can be used as an effective fire resistant barrier in a range of building applications, such as a compartmentation  between rooms and roof spaces, in  concealed spaces and will provide acoustic and air seal solutions.

FSi firestopping stone wool fire protection product Stopseal Batt System can be used as an effective fire resistant barrier in a range of building applications, such as a compartmentation  between rooms and roof spaces, in  concealed spaces and will provide acoustic and air seal solutions.

FSi has also completed testing with plastic pipes with Kingspan phenolic insulation and Armaflex insulation. To complement our extensive range of products the FSi Stopseal Batt System is also tested for PVC, PP & PE pipes up to 160mm with FSi PipeBloc PCP Pipe Collars; PVC, PP and PE pipes up to 160mm with FSi PipeBloc EL Pipe Wraps; and multi layered pipes up to 100mm with FSi PyroPro HPE Sealant.

The FSi Stopseal Batt has extensive flexible wall and rigid floor testing as a face fix ’pattress fit’ solution including 30 minute single skin flexible wall testing with Kopex flexible conduit cable management systems. The FSi Stopseal Batt System is CE marked and Third Party certified.

To find out more visit or call +44 (0) 1530 515130.

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Warrington Certification launches new schemes

Warrington Certification has launched new Certifire schemes for pivots and door handles on fire doorsets.

The UKAS-accredited Technical Schedules (TS’s), which have been developed in response to industry demand, include four new TS’s covering top and bottom pivots, electromechanical locks, handles and variable geometry hinges.

For some years, the UK door and hardware industry has raised concerns over the lack of a minimum prescribed level, with respect to performance and quality for lever handles and top and bottom pivots and in the absence of harmonised standards, have sought alternative ways to raise the quality for these elements. In response, Warrington Certification has introduced TS’s for top and bottom pivots (TS80) and lever handles (TS82).

The four new Technical Schedules TS80, TS81, TS82 and TS83 will ensure a minimum level of performance for all new products which are used on fire and smoke resisting doors.

Electromechancial locks (TS81) and variable geometry unsprung and concealed hinges (TS83) follow in the same footsteps as other Certifire technical schedules such as mechanical locks (TS23) and single axis hinges (TS24).

Paul Duggan, Certification Manager at Warrington Certification, commented: ‘We are proud to launch these new UKAS-accredited Certifire schemes, which are designed to further help raise the bar in fire door and product certification”.

‘These four new technical schedules which have been developed with the Certifire hardware panel members, expand the scope of our certification offering and they demonstrate Warrington Certification’s commitment to try and make fire doors even safer.’

For more information on the new schemes please contact Warrington Certification on 01925 646669 or

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