Association for Specialist Fire Protection

Issue 27 - August 2017

ASFP announces free London CPD seminar

The ASFP has announced it will be holding the latest in its series of regional seminars in central London on 31 October. This free morning event at the Aviva Building, 1 Undershaft, London EC3P 3DQ, offers delegates an opportunity to learn about the vital importance of passive fire protection and ensuring it is correctly designed, specified, installed and maintained and consider ways to raise awareness of passive fire protection throughout the construction process.

Starting with breakfast at 8.45 and finishing at 12.30am, Understanding Passive Fire Protection, will provide essential advice on passive fire protection; its specification, installation, inspection and maintenance. It will include presentations on all aspects of passive fire protection, including the role of fire doors; fire-resistant glazing; fire ducts and dampers; structural fire protection; compartment wall penetrations and firestopping. It also offers an insight into fire risk assessment and what to look for in relation to passive fire protection.

The event is suitable for anyone who is responsible for specifying or inspecting passive fire protection or those appointing trades that could cause damage to existing fire protection in the process of their work. It should particularly appeal to practising Fire Risk Assessors, Responsible Persons, Local Authorities, Facilities Managers, Building Control, Building Owners and Care Home Providers. Click to register for the ASFP Seminar

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FSi obtains BREEAM approval

FSiFSi products recently tested at Eurofins Product Testing A/S in Denmark achieved BREEAM International: Compliance to the highest standard - Indoor Air Comfort GOLD.

FSi fire stopping sealants achieving this highest standard are Pyrocoustic Sealant, PyroPro HPE (High Pressure Exerting) Sealant, Pyrolastic Silicone Sealant, Stopseal Batt Coating and Silverseal Compounds.

BREEAM, the UK originating sustainable buildings certification programme, has approved the use of additional third party certification schemes for the purpose of demonstrating compliance with the BREEAM criteria for “volatile organic compound (VOC) emission levels (products)”. 

Use of the Indoor Air Comfort GOLD product certification is recognised not only by BREEAM, but also by LEED (outside North America) and by more rating schemes, such as Sentinel-Haus and more. This additional means of compliance is applicable to the following current BREEAM schemes and can also be retrospectively applied to supersede versions of these schemes that include similar VOC criteria:

BREEAM International: New Construction 2013 (Hea 02) & Non-Domestic Refurbishment and Fit-out 2015 (Hea 02) and BREEAM UK:  New Construction 2014 (Hea 02), Domestic Refurbishment 2014 (Hea 03) & Non-Domestic Refurbishment and Fit-out 2014 (Hea 02).

FSi has also achieved EMICODE EC 1 Plus, Blue Angel (Germany) and tested to EN717-1 achieving E1 on the above firestopping sealants. .

To find out more call +44 (0) 1530 515130.

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Success for Exova’s Firex demonstrations

ExovaOver the course of three days at FIREX International 2017 in London, more than 300 delegates witnessed live demonstrations on the installation of fire door and fire stopping products by leading international testing organisation Exova Warringtonfire, and certification body Exova BM TRADA.

The demonstrations involved the installation of a double doorset into a full-scale mock-up of a typical cross corridor compartment line, as well as a number of services including pipes and cables. The installations were filmed and relayed live to a seated audience on the stand, with step-by-step commentary being provided by Ross Newman – Principal Technical Officer at Exova.

The installation demonstrations were carried out by ASFP member London Fire Solutions, who are certified under Exova BM TRADA’s Q-Mark scheme for both fire door and fire stopping installation and were designed to reinforce the importance of using suitably qualified and competent personnel to install passive fire protection products.

In addition to the full-scale simulation, Exova’s stand featured a number of static displays of products after exposure to fire, including a fire door, three types fire resistant glazing, fire protected structural steel and an intumescent service pipe collar. This display helped demonstrate how passive fire protection products work to prevent the spread of fire.

Jonathan Osborn, Technical Director at Exova BM TRADA, said: “We were delighted by how many delegates attended our live demonstrations and visited our stand. The large numbers of attendees demonstrates that there is a need for organisations such as ours to support the education of people about passive fire protection measures, especially with respect to their installation.”

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Coopers Fire welcomes BS 9999 guidance

CoopersCoopers Fire has welcomed the release of the latest edition of BS 9999:2017: Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings, which recognises the increasing role of fire curtains in modern buildings

BS 9999:2017 gives recommendations and guidance on the design, management and use of buildings to achieve appropriate standards of fire safety. The new standard outlines recommendations for the use of active fire curtain barriers in protecting means of escape and as part of a smoke control strategy within complex buildings such as shopping complexes.

The standard also highlights that the maintenance of fire curtains throughout their lifetime is just as important as the initial specification, since should a curtain fail to deploy to its operational position, the fire-engineered design solution would be compromised.

In addition to providing recommendations for the design of such systems, BS 9999:2017 recommends that fire and smoke curtains should be tested and installed in accordance with BS 8524-1 and BS 8524-2 respectively.

BS 8524-1 and BS 8524-2 places strict requirements for specifying barrier assemblies; system design and installation; and requires that planned inspection, testing and maintenance should always be carried out by a competent person.

Coopers Fire is the first manufacturer to achieve full compliance to British Standard BS 8524 Parts 1 & 2 for active fire curtain barrier assemblies and is the only fire and smoke curtain manufacturer with independent third party accreditation for the installation, commissioning and maintenance.

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Soben products selected for Disneyland

SobenSoben International is delighted to have its best-selling range of WeatherPro-L and WeatherPlank fire-resistant building boards used in the façade application of the Disney Explorers Lodge, Hong Kong, and a range of other developments in Disneyland Hong Kong and Disneyland Shanghai.

Selected primarily because of its non-combustible properties, WeatherPro-L and WeatherPlank have been developed and tested in compliance with the EN 13501-1 Euroclass A1 fire resistance standard for façade and roofing applications.

The CE-marked WeatherPro-L and WeatherPlank are external grade fibre cement cladding boards in terms of BS EN 12467: Category A. They obtained a position on the supplier registers of both Disneyland Shanghai and Disneyland Hong Kong due to the products’ ability to meet the client’s strict specification requirements, alongside its exclusive capacity to pass the stringent test criteria of Hong Kong Building Code.

Soben International Executive Director Hadfield Ling said:

‘We are delighted to have our products included in the continuous development of reputable landmarks Disneyland Shanghai and Disneyland Hong Kong.  Soben’s inclusion on the pre-approved supplier database is testament to our commitment and attention to traceability, rigorous certification and testing processes, and is also proof of our strength in surpassing client expectations time after time.’

Please contact or for further information.

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Innovative solutions from Walraven

WalravenAchieving outstanding fire protection of pipe penetrations has never been quicker or simpler than with Walraven’s Pacifyre MKII Fire Sleeve. The single component sleeve can be installed quickly and easily without the need for any special fixing tools.

It can be used in floors, ceilings and solid and modular walls, to ensure pipe penetrations are smoke free and fire resistant. It has been extensively tested by independent authorities in various countries throughout Europe. Full details of the testing can be found on Walraven’s website.

The BIS Pacifyre MKII Fire Sleeve is one of the few fire stops that, as well as being fire resistant, also offers good smoke sealing and prevents noise conduction. Importantly the fire sleeve also allows the pipe to expand and contract, unlike many other fire stopping methods. This is important to ensure that the movement of the pipe does not damage the fire seal making it ineffective over time.

The BIS Pacifyre MKII Fire Sleeve is easy to install and is suitable for multiple pipes situated with minimal space between them. Requiring only one sleeve per aperture, it is suitable for use in small spaces.

It has been used in many high profile construction projects including: The Shard; Olympic Velodrome London; Nova Victoria Apartments London; Abell & Cleland development, London; and Southbank Tower, London.

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Pyroplex extends pipe wrap portfolio

PyroplexPyroplex has extended the portfolio of test evidence for its CE Marked 200 Series Pipe Wraps. The company has a continuous programme of testing its products and commissioned Exova Warrington to test its pipe wraps in accordance with EN1366-3.

Two individual tests containing 16 multiple pipe penetrations were commissioned to replicate a floor slab application and a vertical wall application. The penetrations tested consisted of a range of pipe materials from polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC-u and included acoustic composite pipes.

The tests undertaken in June 2017 were a complete success, with both applications achieving 120 minutes of fire performance. The increased scope of tested pipe materials and varying pipe sizes extends the Pyroplex portfolio of CE Marked 200 Series Pipe Wraps and will create further opportunities in European Markets for the business.

Effective fire stopping in separating elements plays a critical role in containing a fire at its source, thereby reducing its effect on the primary building structure. The degree of spread is controlled by creating fire resisting compartments which subdivide the building elements. 

Principal products used in supporting constructions are typically tested with the fire stopping device positioned biased towards the fire side of the supporting construction. Such asymmetric installations are not realistic and will involve a seal being installed on the unexposed side.  

To avoid the use of installing two devices in a single penetration, Pyroplex 200 Series Pipe Wraps can be installed centrally within the penetration, therefore only one device is required to achieve 120 minutes of fire resistance.

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Laboratories protected by Polyseam

PolyseamBiomedicum, a new world-class research institute and laboratories situated in Sweden is being fitted with PROTECTA firestopping products from Polyseam. Currently under construction, the Karolinska Institutet is building an ultramodern, purpose-built facility for experimental medical research and Protecta A-Board and FR IPT fire rated sealant is being used in this huge project.

The building is exposed to the elements and needed to be protected from the risk of a fire. PROTECTA A-boards were used to protect the entire load bearing steel structure. The FR IPT fire rated sealant, based on an innovative new Inert Polymer Technology, was used for linear gap sealing of the walls.

The new laboratory gives Karolinska Institutet more research space and new opportunities to make more effective use of shared infrastructure. The 400 MSEK construction project of Biomedicum led by the contractor Skanska AB started off in 2016 and will be finished in 2018.

The experimental research at Karolinska Institutet is growing, and there is a great need for more advanced laboratories and modern facilities at Campus Solna. With its 65,000sqm, Biomedicum will become one of Europe's largest laboratories.

Protecta products are manufactured in Polyseam’s factory in Huddersfield, tested to the highest standards and certified for use in countries all over the world. Protecta products are protecting property and lives beyond the borders of the UK.

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Firesafe Fire Rated Ductwork supports ASFP event

Darren Webster, Technical Manager at Firesafe Fire Rated Ductwork Ltd and Chairman of the ASFP TG6 committee, attended the ‘Raising the Bar in Fire’ event organised by the ASFP.

Held at the House of Commons on 15th June and sponsored by Jim Fitzpatrick MP, this Plan of Works Pre-Launch heralded ‘the development of an overarching Construction Strategy to encourage collaborative working across the whole design and build process to improve the quality of installed fire protection within the built environment.’

Key to this, is introducing Fire Protection into the RIBA Plan of Work to ensure that detailed specifications are included in initial building designs and a ‘schedule for fire’ is followed throughout the construction process. ASFP’s stated aim is ‘…to ensure that fire protection measures are correctly designed, specified, installed and inspected to make buildings safer for everyone.’

The company’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Mark Elliott, commented “This laudable industry event had been planned for some time. For it to take place just one day after the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower, could not have been more poignant.

This tragedy is an indelible reminder of a catastrophic failure somewhere in the construction process. Fire protection is a fundamental element and, surely, fire safety a fundamental right which should never be compromised. Adoption of the safest products and installation procedures - supported by stringent test standards and robust policing - must drive the procurement and construction process; based on quality and whole-life values, not ‘race to the bottom’ costs.”

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Applus+ opens new painting area

ApplusApplus+ Fire Laboratories is glad to announce its new painting facility for structural protection applications. This new industrial unit is located in Lliça de Vall, very close to its main laboratories and headquarters in Bellaterra, Barcelona. Customers and samples will take only 20 minutes by car to get from one place to the other.

This new premises enjoy of a clear area of 750sqm with a high ceiling at 9m at the shortest point. This allows Applus+ to operate a 6 ton crane throughout the whole space. In the same zone, the company will also build a closed spray booth fully conditioned to apply the paint with full control of each layer. Besides the working area, there is also 80sqm for locker rooms, showers and a canteen on the first floor and 80sqm of offices on the second floor.

Applus+ hopes that with this new installation it will be able to give to paint manufacturers the space, cleanliness and confidentiality that they require to prepare their tests.

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PPG introduces new coatings

PPGPPG's protective and marine coatings business has introduced PPG STEELGUARD 601 and PPG STEELGUARD 651, waterborne thin-film intumescent coatings which offer minimal environmental impact and deliver up to 120 minutes of cellulosic fire protection.

The new PPG STEELGUARD waterborne range has been formulated to reflect modern building design where structural steel demands high performance from a protective coating system. In addition to a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish, it must also maintain the steel’s stability in the event of a fire.

These highly protective intumescent coatings are designed to expand at high temperatures, from a very thin, lightweight film into a thick, foam-like layer that forms an insulation char protecting the steel from cellulosic fire. The heat insulation properties of these intumescent coatings maintain the steel’s stability, providing up to 120 minutes of fire protection at temperatures ranging from 350°C (660°F) to 750°C (1380°F).

Both PPG STEELGUARD 601 and PPG STEELGUARD 651 have been tested and certified to the latest international standards and comply with the most stringent environmental regulations. These include EN 13381-8:2013 and BS476 Parts 20/21.

To ensure that designers and contractors can make full use of the coatings, PPG engineers are available globally to provide their expertise in intumescent fire protection and advise on the relevant industry standards and fire ratings. PPG has the engineering capability to support clients in the early stages of development, guiding them through the specification process and providing support through to project completion and beyond.

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Actionair panel fits small space

SwegonA newly built hospital in Manchester has chosen Actionair to provide CSS ‘ES’ rated Circular Fire/Smoke Dampers, complete with ActionPac LNS4 Damper Control and Monitoring Systems to form part of the complex fire protection strategy for the build.

Working with the client, Actionair engineers were able to assist in interpreting the complex cause and effect requirements, and then programme the system to ensure that in the case of a fire, the control panel directs particular dampers in the affected zones of the building to close. It also provides the end client and facilities management teams with a central point from which all the dampers can be sequentially tested on a regular basis. 

The design of the building means such controls needed to fit into a relatively small space for the number of inputs required. Actionair was able to adapt its LNS4 control panel by installing a separate Input/Output panel within the hospital’s server room. Thus, interfacing with the fire alarm panel could be achieved without impacting on the space available where the main panel was to be sited.

This meant that the main panel could be smaller and more aesthetically pleasing.

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Timmins wins new business

HTimminsTimmins Group has generated large amounts of new business since joining the ASFP. The Group has added further accreditations that include Exova Firas Timber Fire door installers, Exova BM TRADA Passive Fire Protection Installers, Exova BM TRADA Q-Mark Timber Fire Door Maintenance and is soon to be FDIS accredited.

Timmins has invested heavily in training and certification, which has been a major factor in its increased turnover. By providing its clients in the civil and local government sectors, education, retail, utilities and commercial sectors with a company that can carry out fit and refurbishment works and certify all the aforementioned activities without using an external contractor, Timmins is saving clients’ money, since all works are carried out in house.

These standalone specialisms can also be offered across a broad range of sectors.

Timmins Group are now recruiting and training people in new skills and offering apprenticeships.

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LFS offers mobile workshops

LFSLondon Fire Solutions has introduced a fleet of Mobile Workshops with its clients’ certified fire door maintenance needs in mind.

Built to our own specification these purpose built workshops are now in use and are especially good for organisations where a multitude of doors need to be worked on, or for use in a security conscious environment.

We are currently busy at several HMPs and hospitals where we are able to work on site without removing the doors to another location.

As the vehicles are self-powered and have all the necessary tools and benches, the operators are able to fulfil all the necessary repairs and upgrading works without taking fire doors off site. They also include cooking, drinking and hand washing facilities and have built-in flood lights and extendable canopies so short winter days and bad weather conditions are not prohibitive.

Commenting on this innovative development to the LFS fleet of vehicles,  Director Jim Hannon said: “The advantage to our clients is that as well as being able to complete the work on site they themselves don’t need to provide much in the way of site welfare, we can simply pull up and start work.”

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Adaston’s continued success

AdastonAdaston has recently been working with brand strategy agency The Expose Agency, developing their growth plans in the passive fire protection sector.

A review focused on how the current brand of Adaston was viewed by those who bought their services. This refined the target audience and how best to appeal to them; where Adaston stood in the market and what differentiated them from their competition.

The values, personality, emotional benefits, functional benefits and day-to-day attributes of the current brand were all considered.

Adaston developed their logo to be contemporary and modern. A strapline was introduced and they created a new typeface and tone of voice. All this was based on the information gained in the wide-reaching brand review.

Imagery was introduced with a neat, professional, honest and pure composition as can be seen in the ‘light’ style of photography. This blends perfectly with a new colour palette for Adaston. The new branding highlights that Adaston’s already comprehensive passive fire protection surveys undertaken across the UK are now even better.

Andrew Whiteside, Head of Operations stated: “Our vision is to protect the integrity of Britain’s buildings and safeguard those who live and work within them. With this re-brand we are ready for continued nationwide business growth.”

For further information contact 01423 700996

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Morgan gains EU certification

MorganA sophisticated structural steel fire protection system from Morgan Advanced Materials has been certified for the fire protection of structural steelwork in compliance with the EU Construction Products Regulation (Regulation 305/2011/EU).

Morgan’s advanced system is based around its FireMaster Marine Plus blanket, a non-combustible flexible blanket which is wrapped around the structural steel profile of a building and held in place with welded anchors and friction fit washers. During tests, Morgan’s system has been proven to provide good thermal and acoustic insulation and using a blanket density of 96 kg/m³, also offers a lightweight fire protection solution for steelwork for up to three hours.

Fire tested in accordance with EN 13381-4 standard, the system is certified through Underwriters Laboratory International in accordance with ETAG 18-4. Key to its effectiveness is the fact that the blanket is manufactured without the use of organic binders, eliminating the potential for smoke emission in the event of fire.

Instead, it has been designed using low-biopersistent Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES) fibres, exonerated from carcinogenic classification in accordance with EU Directive 67/548/EWG. The required tensile strength is provided through mechanically needling the fibres in the blanket together, giving the blanket a maximum use classification temperature of 1,200˚C.

Allan Beeston, ‎Global Fire Protection Manager at Morgan Advanced Materials commented: “By manufacturing our steel structural fire protection system using our proven AES fibres, we have created a durable but lightweight solution. For our system to be certified as compliant with the EU Construction Products Regulation is evidence of both its effectiveness and reliability.”

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IFC keeps pace with demand

IFCTo meet the increase in demand for expertise in the field of fire safety engineering, IFC Group has made further appointments in key areas across the business.

Senior appointments have been made in IFC Certification, with Mark Cummings joining as Technical & Operations Manager. Mark is well-known having worked for 17 years in laboratory and certification bodies. Paul Whitehouse joins as a highly experienced product auditor.

Andrew Winning and Callum Sempill have joined the product assessment team. Andrew is a senior product assessor based in IFC’s expanding Bristol office. Callum comes from a fire testing laboratory and works out of IFC group HQ.

Ashley Theakstone and Dr Antony Pearson join our fire risk assessment and fire engineering teams respectively. Both had careers in the Fire & Rescue Service and at international engineering practices.

Jeff Brydon delivered presentations at the two recent ASFP events (Manchester/Glasgow), providing examples of the installation of fire-stopping in mixed use schemes and the importance of third-party certification of fire doors used in public buildings.

Meanwhile, at IFC HQ Chuck Lewis chaired the fifth meeting of ASFP Task Group 7, which is drafting the new coloured book for Active Fire Curtains.

IFC Group delivers a complete range of fire safety services from concept, through all build phases to handover, then through the building lifetime. Contact us to discuss your needs or concerns on any aspect of product, installer or wider fire-safety.

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Firesafe Installations in the public eye

Firesafe InstallationsMany public buildings throughout the UK have very poor fire protection either caused by lack of maintenance or generally through very poor installations, usually done by non-registered and non-trained companies.

Firesafe Installations are currently being used to repair and rectify many firewall and fire stop issues in over 20 live occupied public buildings, including schools, hospitals, offices, care homes and tower blocks.

The poor standard of firewalls and fire protection in many occupied public buildings is extremely worrying and disappointing. Many main contractors believe that they are saving time and money by asking contractors already employed on sites to do the works, but the untrained contractors often install systems incorrectly which ultimately costs the main contractors more in the long run.

All fire stopping and steelwork fire protection should be undertaken by registered, trained, and accredited contractors. All issues found throughout all sites are caused mainly by lack of knowledge of suitable products or not knowing how to install the products to tested standards.

Firesafe have traded for over 20 years with experienced trained management with over 100 years of knowledge between them.  All are capable of advising on best methods and solutions for any scenario, as well as inspecting and reporting on any existing fire protection.

For more information on our Fire Stopping and Steelwork Protection services, please contact Firesafe by phone on 0151 546 1069.

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New LPCB standard for ductwork

BREMaintaining and cleaning ductwork effectively is key to minimising fire risk whilst increasing hygiene and functionality.

LPS 2084 defines LPCB’s requirements for the approval of companies carrying out inspection, cleaning and maintenance of ductwork systems that may be contaminated with combustible deposits. LPS 2084 was launched in May 2017 and ten companies have already applied to join the scheme - a few will have completed the process and will be listed shortly.

Using approved companies gives building owners and responsible persons the reassurance that inspection, maintenance and cleaning of ductwork has been carried out correctly.

Ductwork systems are particularly vulnerable in catering applications. Irrespective of the efficiency of the canopy filters, grease deposits will build up over time in the kitchen extraction ductwork and canopy. Regular cleaning of ducting is therefore essential to avoid grease build-up which can reduce the effectiveness of the extraction system, shorten the life of the fan and create a serious fire hazard.

LPS 2084 assesses companies to ensure that they: meet the requirements of the client contract; document and report correctly; identify and record areas of limited access where inspection, cleaning and maintenance are impractical and communicate these limitations to the client; provide recommendations for access improvements to better facilitate the ongoing cleaning and maintenance of the ductwork system.

The listed companies will be audited by BRE Global on an ongoing regular basis to ensure that they continue to adhere to the requirements of the standard.

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FSi Stopseal Batt leads the way

FSiFSi firestopping stone wool fire protection product Stopseal Batt System can be used as an effective fire resistant barrier in a range of building applications, such as a compartmentation  between rooms and roof spaces, in concealed spaces and will provide acoustic and air seal solutions.

The Stopseal Batt in floor is independently tested for the full EN cable range; plastic pipes up to 125mm;  multi-layered pipes up to 100mm with FSi PyroPro  HPE Sealant; and metallic pipes up to 160mm. In flexible and rigid walls FSi’s Stopseal Batt has been tested for the full EN cable range, metallic pipes with Kingspan phenolic insulation, K Flex insulation, glass wool insulation and stone wool insulation.

FSi has also completed testing with plastic pipes with Kingspan phenolic insulation and Armaflex insulation. To complement our extensive range of products, the FSi Stopseal Batt System is also tested for PVC, PP & PE pipes up to 160mm with FSi PipeBloc PCP Pipe Collars; PVC, PP and PE pipes up to 160mm with FSi PipeBloc EL Pipe Wraps; and multi layered pipes up to 100mm with FSi PyroPro HPE Sealant.

The FSi Stopseal Batt has extensive flexible wall and rigid floor testing as a face fix ’pattress fit’ solution including 30 minute single skin flexible wall testing with Kopex flexible conduit cable management systems. The FSi Stopseal Batt System is CE marked and third party certified.

To find out more call +44 (0) 1530 515130.

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ASFP highlights busy Autumn events schedule

ASFPIn addition to its London regional seminar, the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) will be taking part in a number of other fire and construction industry seminars and exhibitions this Autumn.

ASFP COO Niall Rowan will be taking part in a free webinar from 10.30-11.30am on 2 October. Hosted by Fire and Security Matters (FSM) magazine, the event brings together key industry figures to discuss Tall building fires and what needs to be changed after the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Click for further information or to register for the webinar

The ASFP will also be exhibiting at Fire Safety North at Event City, Manchester, 10-11 October. Co-located with Health & Safety North the event offers visitors an opportunity to meet with exhibitors from across the fire sector and provides a full agenda of free educational seminars. The ASFP will be on hand to provide information and advice on all aspects of passive fire protection and looks forward to welcoming visitors to its stand, FS4. Click for further information or to register for Fire Safety North

In addition, the ASFP will be taking part in UK Construction Week at the NEC, Birmingham from 10-12 October. As well as offering advice from its stand, the ASFP will be offering a series of free CPD Workshops across the three days. The ASFP will also be taking part in a panel discussion on Tackling Safety in High-Rise Construction at 4-4.30pm on 11 October. Click for further information or to register for UK Construction Week.

The ASFP will also be exhibiting on stand E22 at London Build Expo, taking place at the Olympia, London on October 25-26. The event features a Fire Safety Summit which will bring together central & local government, the construction industry, landlords and fire safety experts to discuss, prepare and plan for a new era of fire safety, following the Grenfell Tower fire.  ASFP COO Niall Rowan will be taking part in the Fire Summit discussions and offering his views on the future of fire safety and fire safety regulation. Click for further information or to register for London Build Expo.

The ASFP will also be supporting a number of ASFP member events this Autumn, including Checkmate Fire’s free Passive Fire Protection seminars in Perth, Scotland on 28 September and Watford, Hertfordshire on 18 October; and Exova BM TRADA’s free Fire Protection measures seminar in Manchester on 14 November.

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ASFP launches new PFP Awards

ASFPThe ASFP is to create a new range of Passive Fire Protection Awards to highlight excellence in passive fire protection and to reward those who contribute to the advancement of awareness, quality and education within the sector.

The Association will launch two new Awards at its inaugural Annual Awards Lunch on 8 December 2017, to be held at the Tower of London. These first awards will pave the way for a wider range of accolades in 2018.

The ASFP is seeking nominations in two categories: Passive Fire Protection Advocate of the Year; and Fellowship of the ASFP.

Passive Fire Protection Advocate of the Year is open to all involved in fire safety in the built environment and aims to reward an individual who can demonstrate that they are a major advocate of high quality installed PFP.  The nomination, which can be a self-nomination, should include evidence of activities undertaken during the 2017 calendar year to raise awareness, educate and promote high quality passive fire protection.

Judged by the ASFP’s Strategy Group, the application will be assessed against the following criteria:

- Taking opportunities to highlight the benefits of PFP to customer and/or other stakeholders
- Early engagement of PFP needs in project(s)
- Wide consideration of all PFP needs and opportunities
- Establishing PFP training activities
- Offering written ‘directives’ or work instructions about PFP use
- Promoting best practice in line with ASFP Guidelines
- Promoting ASFP as the UK experts in PFP
- Promoting membership of the ASFP and participation in ASFP Task Groups
- Providing a “balanced” view of PFP as the overall “fire safe” solution

Open to ASFP members only, Fellowship of the ASFP will be awarded to an individual who has been influential within the industry during the calendar year 2017.  Selected by ASFP COO Niall Rowan, this accolade is for the ASFP member judged to have constantly excelled in contributing with a functional, technical and strategic ability to the advancement of ASFP, both in and out of meetings. It will be awarded to a member who has shown leadership and long-term awareness of the industry’s needs.

Nominations must be received by completing and returning a Passive Fire Protection Advocate of the Year Nomination Form or Fellowship of the ASFP Nomination Form by Friday, 10 November 2017.

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