Association for Specialist Fire Protection

Membership of ASFPI is open to contractors, manufacturers, distributors and other professionals engaged in passive fire protection.

ASFP Ireland offers the following categories of membership:


CONTRACTORS (Operating solely within the Republic of Ireland)

Applicants for this category of membership shall:

1) Demonstrate a current track record in passive fire protection
2) Provide evidence of appropriate levels of insurance
3) Submit one year's accounts
4) Have gained third party certification approval or instigated such a process within the first three months of membership for completion within the first year of membership
5) Each contracting member of the Association shall only employ workers in strict compliance with current legal practices.


CONTRACTORS (installing within the UK)

If a contracting company is actively working in the UK, it should apply for full UK contractor membership (Refer to UK Membership).



Applicants for this category of membership shall:

1) Provide a list of passive fire protection products manufactured by them
2) Provide evidence that the products are tested and assessed and checked by Technical Review Panel in accordance with the guidelines and principles laid down in the Association's publications. (e.g. "Fire Protection of Structural Steel in Buildings" also known as the 'Yellow Book').



Specialist suppliers and distributors may be required to provide test information and technical data on products which they offer, which are not manufactured by an existing ASFP member, and these products shall be checked by the Technical Review Panel.



For example, Consultants, Test Laboratories, Raw Materials Suppliers, Local Authorities and Educational Establishments. Applications will be considered on an individual basis by the ASFP Council.