Association for Specialist Fire Protection

The ASFP video library consists of eight modules which offer an introduction to passive fire protection and take viewers through a typical risk assessment. Each module is dedicated to a different category of passive fire protection and describes the key features a fire risk assessor should examine when undertaking a building inspection or fire risk assessment. View below or Vist the ASFP YouTube Channel
  • ASFP/UBM webinar on passive fire protection
  • Correct specification & installation of fire-stopping
  • Passive Fire Protection 4.48 mins
  • Fire Risk Assessment 4.48 mins
  • Fire Doors 5.48 mins
  • Walls, Doors
    and Ceilings 4.20 mins
  • Firestopping
    3.44 mins
  • Ducts and Dampers
    4.23 mins
  • Cavity Barriers
    and Cladding 2.18 mins
  • Structural
    Protection 2.51 mins