Applus+ Laboratories, a leading player in the testing and certification of fire-protection products, has achieved ISO/IEC 17065 certification for its voluntary Applus+ Fire Safety mark. Going forward, products certified under the voluntary Applus+ Fire Safety scheme will be covered by a globally recognised certification scheme accredited by ENAC, Spain’s national accreditation body (a member of ILAC MRA).

With this accreditation, the Applus+ Fire Safety mark gains in both prestige and in terms of its standing as a quality label for the end consumer and the relevant authorities in the product’s target countries.

The Applus+ Fire Safety mark is aimed at active and passive fire-protection products. Its intention is to facilitate market access and to provide manufacturers with a quality seal endorsed by a benchmark laboratory: Applus+.

For products not covered by their own certification schemes, the Applus+ Fire Safety mark provides a comprehensive certification scheme comprising product testing in accordance with requisite standards as well as factory production control audits to guarantee quality over time.

The Applus+ Fire Safety mark is also recognised by a wide range of countries, particularly in the Middle East where it serves as a conformity certificate for market access.