In E-Bulletin 32

Actionair’s Actionpac LNS5 provides the ability to manage multiple dampers from a single interface without the need for additional hardware. A dedicated panel can monitor damper end switches and does not assume that, simply because power has been removed, the dampers have reached a failsafe position.

LNS5 employs a solid-state embedded computer for reliability and is simple to use and install. It is based around a two-core network cable that communicates with the local interfaces at each damper. This significantly reduces wiring costs compared to conventional hard-wired solutions.

Heat and smoke detectors can be fitted directly into the damper interface, either to control the damper to which it is fitted or other dampers within the system. It can also be linked to a local test switch enabling dampers to be conveniently and easily tested remotely or via the test function available at the panel. The system can also be scheduled to automatically test dampers on a regular basis and provides remote access for checking and maintenance.

Conventional systems simply shut every damper in the building in the event of a fire whereas the LNS5 offers control of each individual damper. This allows system designers to provide users with a more strategic and targeted approach for fire compartmentalisation, pressurisation and smoke extraction.

Actionair Business Unit Director Andrew Collard comments:

“There is growing awareness across the UK building sector of the need to provide a more flexible and sophisticated approach to fire and smoke control.”