In E-Bulletin 32

Applus+ Laboratories has recently opened a new fire resistance laboratory in Guadalajara, near Madrid (Spain). This strategical investment has been done to cope with the expected surge in door qualifications after the approval of the new internal door standard EN 14351-2.

Applus+ Fire laboratories offers a one-stop-shop service for testing and certifying including, not only fire testing but also durability, acoustics, wind and water load, thermal conductivity and anti-burglary tests. Our service proposal is based on initial studies of ranges and standards to meet, in order to maximize qualifications with the minimum number of tests. Our technical office is capable of elaborating studies and assessments on multiple door elements to cover as many features as possible.

Our experience with EN, BS, UL and NFPA door testing standards helps us to support our customers and even, combine different tests on their door approval projects.

As a European Notification Body (number 0370), at the present time we can only offer CE marking for external pedestrian doors. As soon as internal door product standard EN 14351-3 gets harmonized by European Union members, Applus+ will be able to apply this CE mark. In the meantime, Applus+ offer the possibility to certify internal doors under our Applus Fire private mark, which is recognised in the Middle East.

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