In E-Bulletin 39

Applus+ offers ASTM duct tests

Applus+ Laboratories has been issued the accreditation for the ASTM E2336-20 Standard of Fire Resistance Test Methods for Fire Resistive Grease Duct Enclosure Systems. This completes our spectrum of testing capabilities for fire resistance ducts in ASTM E2816 – 20a, BS 476-24 and EN 1366-1, -8 and -9. We have years of experience of performing fire ducts tests for all these standards.

We are now also able to offer our clients a complete ASTM portfolio of fire safety duct tests. This makes us one of the few laboratories in Europe with such a complete service of testing, assessment and certification. Applus+ Laboratories is always committed to providing their clients with the best customer service. This widens our capacity and confirms our standing in the world as a reference laboratory.