Due to the recent change of paradigm at an international level, clients and inspectors might be unable to travel to our facilities in Spain to witness the testing processes of their products. To bridge this gap in the process, Applus+ Laboratories is offering its clients the possibility to assist and attend the testing process of their products via livestreaming.

With this online tool, the laboratory offers its clients a platform to follow the sample preparation, visualize the tests in real-time, and follow the test data acquisition. The digital platform is a complete solution developed by Applus+ Laboratories’ experts to offer a remote assistance option to their testing services. It has the following benefits:

  • Online multi-site access to everyone that plays a part in the test. More than one team or person, located in different sites, can connect at the same time to visualise and monitor the test.
  • Follow the sample preparation process.
  • See the test live from different angles and scales.
  • Remote management of results and project files.
  • Access through a secure platform.

The fire laboratory at Applus+ has implemented this remote assistance system to offer its clients and experts a practical and efficient way to continue working together.