The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has announced several new Spring and Summer dates for its Level 3 and Level 2 Foundation Course in Passive Fire Protection.

The 7-day classroom-based Level 3 courses will take place in:

  • Leeds, commencing on 21 March;
  • East Midlands, starting on 9 April
  • Dublin, starting on 9 April; and
  • Watford, commencing on 11 June

A 4-day Level 2 course will commence in Watford on 21 May.

The courses offer a foundation in fire safety and fire science as well as units on different forms of passive fire protection. Individuals who undertake the training can study towards an examination leading to a Level 3 or Level 2 qualification in Passive Fire Protection provided by the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) awarding organisation, which is regulated by the qualification regulators Ofqual and CCEA.

The training aims to equip candidates with the knowledge required to demonstrate competency, while also offering a route for progression and academic recognition in this key fire protection specialism.  They are the first in the UK and Ireland to enable candidates to study to obtain a recognised qualification in passive fire protection.

The courses are suitable for all involved in the construction industry from designers and specifiers to contractors and specialist installers, as well as building owner occupiers and enforcement agencies. It is aimed at individuals either directly engaged in passive fire protection or those who need to develop an understanding of the passive fire safety systems such as  managers and technical supervisors working in passive fire protection roles such as technical sales staff, designers and fire risk assessors.

For further information or to book visit ASFP Training