The ASFP Awards 2021 Finalists have been announced!

A huge congratulations to everyone who has been nominated and a further congratulation to those who have made it to become a finalist.

We will see you all on Friday 26th November where we will be announcing the winners!

Best Installation Project of the Year 2021

C-19 Mega Lab

CLM having provided compliant, high-quality fire protection throughout has ensured the important work being conducted in the Mega Lab is safeguarded and the research, creation, testing and distribution works can continue uninterrupted.

Monash Chancellery University

The installation of this large, bespoke engineered fire curtain illustrates the close working partnership and capabilities of both Coopers Fire and Greene Fire to provide a passive fire safety solution in a unique and complex building.

SCCC – Grange University Hospital

it is one of the largest passive fire protection projects across the South-West and Wales.

It has demonstrated that a positive collaboration of design, client, supplier and installation professionals, can be achieved under the most challenging circumstances.

Passive Fire Innovation of the Year 2021

Masonry Envelope Passive Fire Solutions

A classic example of thoughtful innovation. It not only demonstrates Siderise’s understanding of the passive fire protection landscape in terms of regulatory requirements but shows their investment in what their customers on the ground need and the issues they face on site and during the specification stage

Independent Scrutineer Role

Addresses contemporary issues head on, taking into consideration legislation and best practice, to create a 360 role that encompasses all elements of Passive Fire Protection and performs at a higher level to increase safety. It’s development off the back of evolving regulations shows its versatility to continue to advance and grow alongside the industry.

Extruded, cast epoxy intumescent fire protection to small diameter bars

The Easy-Over system is a unique method of fire protecting small diameter rods and has a worldwide market opportunity.   The Easy-Over system delivers very high decoration,  integrity by specific fire testing and reliability through the predetermined fire protection DFT.

Training & Development of the Year 2021

Alec Purdie

Alec has learnt so much in such a short time, especially considering the challenges of the past year. His passion, tenacity, knowedge and ability is clearly evident and now he is sharing that with others he is clearly having a positive impact on the industry.

Neville White

Neville really stands out as someone who wants to see others succeed and develop. He recognises by sharing his own knowledge in an effective and understandable way, he can make a difference.


The large programme of activities delivered by Neo to numerous stakeholders in the past year is an outstanding achievement. The business has demonstrated its commitment to its staff and the wider community by developing knowledge around Passive Fire Protection.

Last years Level 2 and Level 3 Award winners are:

  • Level 2 – Simon Ince
  • Level 3 –  Cathie Wilson


The following awards do not have finalists. The winner will be announced on the day!

  • Individual Rising Star of the Year Award 2021
  • Lifetime Contribution Award 2021
  • Advocate of the Year 2021