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ASFPGet more involved in ASFP activities and help to influence the Association’s future

The ASFP Council is the governing body of the Association and is responsible for the impartial representation of and to the total membership. The Council receives strategies and business cases for consideration, debate and ratification.

The Council is elected at the Annual General Meeting from voting members of categories C1 – C9, as well as one C13 Ireland member. Members can self-nominate or nominate their colleagues.

There are usually four Council meetings in each Association year, but this may increase if circumstances dictate. For instance, during the Covid pandemic, meetings have taken place more frequently via Zoom.

Council members are elected for a one year term and are expected to attend at least 50% of Council meetings in each Association year; failure to do so may preclude them from standing for re-election.

Nominations for the ASFP Council 2021 will close on 9 April 2021

Completed nomination forms should be returned to with all supporting attachments.

ASFP Council Nomination form for voting members of categories C1-C9

Council Nomination form for ASFP Ireland representative