In E-Bulletin 40

Avantage from Smoke Control Dampers

The Avantage MP smoke control damper from Smoke Control Dampers is a lobby to shaft automatic opening vent (AOV) suitable for fitting to builders work ducts. It can be used to evacuate smoke as part of a smoke and heat exhaust system.

It is a side-hung automatically opening unit suitable for vertical mounting into fire compartment smoke shaft walls and ducts in multi compartment applications. Available with either a one-hour or two-hour fire-resistant certification, the Avantage MP has been independently tested to BS EN1366-10, classified to BS EN 13501-4, and is manufactured fully in accordance with BS EN 12101-8.

The control mechanism for the Avantage MP is based on 24V DC reverse polarity operation and incorporates a 24V DC impulse magnetic locking latch and a 24V, 4W drive open, drive closed motor that is complete with a connecting trailing lead.

The damper module is complete with a second fix front-faced flange decorative grille, finished in natural satin anodised silver, with an option for polyester powder paint finish to a standard RAL colour.

The Avantage unit is manufactured with a fabricated frame and a hinged damper door constructed from fire insulating calcium silicate board, complete with dual Intumescent and smoke seals that are fitted to the ventilator frame rebates and stops, in accordance with the product’s BS EN 13501-4 certification.

Each damper is fitted with a lightweight blackout panel that is removable, providing full lobby side access to the damper control mechanism.