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BRE offers expertise in training

Fire safety is arguably the most important aspect of the design, construction and maintenance of our built environment. It is in the headlines like never before, and the need for robust inspection and advice across all property types requires trained, qualified and competent professionals who care deeply about health and safety.

Whether you are keen to sharpen your existing fire safety skills, acquire new skills for new opportunities, or simply better understand your fire safety responsibilities, BRE has training courses and qualifications that are right for you.

The growing skills shortage within the fire sector has received much attention over the past few years. As a world-leading research and testing centre, BRE’s expertise runs deep. Our years of fire safety experience shape our training courses and qualifications and offer you and your team unrivalled access to recognised experts and the latest thinking.

BRE training can benefit you by providing you with the opportunity to: become irreplaceable with the most in-demand skills; get recognised as an expert; and boost your earnings.

Be sure to train with the experts.