Rochdale-based TBA Protective Technologies provides a certified range of UK manufactured fire barriers with an international reputation, backed by a comprehensive technical advisory service that includes design support.

The TBA range is widely specified by fire consultants and specialist contractors – including those primarily involved with firestopping work – enabling them to access fire barrier systems to divide the largest spaces within both new build properties and for the critical retrofit market.

Importantly, the company’s flexible membrane materials are capable of creating effective fire barriers in the most challenging situations, delivering periods of protection well in excess of Building Regulation requirements.

TITAN Lite, for instance, comprises a woven treated fabric which has been shown by testing to BS 476 part 20/22: 1987 to provide fire resistance of 120 minutes’ integrity, plus 60 minutes’ insulation against the normal 30:15 benchmark for a cavity barrier from Approved Document B. The strong yet flexible material is secured to its supporting structure using special staples and high temperature adhesives in roofs or other voids at maximum 20m intervals.

What really sets TITAN Lite and other TBA systems – like APOLLO, ZEUS or PHOENIX – apart from competitors is their certification extends to accommodating penetrations like pipes, cable trays and other building services, unlike many fire barriers.

The tried and tested TBA range of fire barriers is available from national distributors, while the manufacturer’s technical team can advise customers on project specific solutions, including site surveys, design guidance and inspections. Further information is available from TBA’s Online CPD Seminar covering Fire Barriers.