In E-Bulletin 39

Circular cartridge from Smoke Control Dampers

The SC-S circular fire damper cartridge is the latest product offering manufactured by RF-technologies for Smoke Control Dampers.

The product comes complete with a finishing valve and fitting collar for ease of installation into fire-resistant suspended ceilings and for connection to HEVAC ventilation systems, with flexible ducting for supply and extract air applications.

The circular fire damper cartridges are equipped with a fusible link that holds two spring-loaded semi-circular blades in the open position. When the temperature at the damper rises above 72˚C, the fusible link melts and releases the two blades. The damper is now fully closed with the blades held in position with a locking catch.

Available in 4 sizes the SC-S dampers have a declared performance of EI & S 30 and 60-minutes of fire-resistance rating in EI30 & EI60 ceilings.

Typical applications include HEVAC systems in hotels, university halls of residence, and the like.

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