In E-Bulletin 32

Following an exhaustive phase of rigorous testing, Colt International is pleased to announce that its Fire Curtain has been independently certified by IFC Certification Ltd (IFCC SDP11-02) to British Standard BS 8524, Parts 1 & 2.

BS 8524 is the British Standard for Active Fire Curtain Assemblies. Part 1 is the specification for the product which specifies a thorough and exhaustive regime of testing for the product itself, Part 2 is a Code of Practice covering application, installation and maintenance.

BS 8524 is important as it ensures that a fire curtain product is rigorously tested before being put on the market so that they function correctly and do not compromise fire separation or compartmentation that would otherwise be in place.

To comply with Part 1, the Colt Fire Curtain was recently sent for independent review with IFCC where it was put through all the required tests to satisfy the standard. In order to achieve full compliance, all of these tests must be passed and independently verified.

The testing regime covers reliability life cycle testing, response time, fire resistance (integrity) testing, impact testing, hot motor cycling tests and factory production control inspections. The Colt Fire Curtain was independently tested by notified test houses and witnessed by IFCC.

To demonstrate compliance with Part 2, IFCC carried out an audit of our project management, installation, commissioning and maintenance processes to ensure that our teams are fully competent to deliver a safe, robust and compliant installation.