CoopersCoopers Fire is proud to announce that it has successfully tested the ResQ-Window to be compliant with BS 8524-1, the only fire curtain British Standard.

The ResQ-Window can be installed into a Coopers Fire fire curtain allowing building occupants and first responders to see through the curtain after it has been deployed.

ResQ-Window can withstand temperatures in excess of 1000oC with 2 hours’ integrity (E120) and addresses the need for a vision panel in a deployable fire curtain system.

The Coopers Fire fully compliant, translucent fireproof panel, the ResQ-Window is a concept capable of making a massive difference in areas of a building which need to be assessed prior to entry. A fire curtain with a vision panel is perfect for lift openings and lobbies, as well as escape routes incorporating doorways and corridors.

The benefits of having a vision panel in fire-resistant barriers are clear. However, where they appear in curtains there must be no compromise on compliance, quality and the product’s resistance level. Choosing products that are certified and have undergone thorough testing, provides assurance to specifiers and facilities managers that the fire protection measures in place are of the highest standard to preserve human life.

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