Understanding Passive Fire Protection Seminar Events 

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is working with a range of organistions, including LABC, Aviva and fire services, to offer a series of regional CPD seminars in locations throughout the UK and Ireland.

These seminars are aimed at improving awareness of passive fire protection. They also feature guest speakers who provide updates on topical issues such as fire safety legislation reform and consultations.

Understanding Passive Fire Protection offers presentations on all aspects of passive fire protection, including the role of fire doors, frames and fire seals; door hardware maintenance and replacement; fire-resistant glazing; fire ducts and dampers; structural fire protection; compartment wall penetrations and fire-stopping. It also offers an insight into fire risk assessment and what to look for in relation to passive fire protection.

The events are suitable for anyone who is responsible for specifying or inspecting passive fire protection or those appointing trades that could cause damage to existing fire protection in the process of their work. They should particularly appeal to practicing Fire Risk Assessors, Responsible Persons, Local Authorities, Facilities Managers, Building Control, and Care Home Providers.

Dates and venues for 2020 will be announced soon.

Private CPD Presentations

The ASFP offers Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified lectures and longer bespoke CPD courses which can be delivered to your staff on site at a time convenient to you.

These are aimed at professionals that are directly involved with, or need to gain a better understanding of, the subject of passive fire protection.

ASFP CPD presentations provide an introduction to the vital role of passive fire protection and key factors to consider regarding its installation and maintenance. Lasting 60 to 90 minutes, they are ideally suited to a lunchtime or evening presentation format.

All professionals attending a CPD lecture or course will receive the appropriate CPD certificate.