In E-Bulletin 38

UK Passive Fire Solutions is part of the East Riding Group and can offer passive fire protection to all kinds of buildings. It prides itself on being able to adapt and overcome the most difficult situations and specialises in working within a live environment.

Whilst it continues to deliver its usual compartmentation and fire door installation, repair and upgrade services, it has seen significant growth within its specialist aluminium decking and railings installation service.

There is a growing demand from mortgage companies and insurers for wooden decking on balconies to be replaced with a minimum A2-rated alternative. East Riding Group has multiple suppliers who can provide A2, s1, d0 grade decking in a wide range of colours and finishes and our installation team has a breadth of experience retro-fitting to existing balconies, as well as providing for new constructions.

Wooden balconies and walkways pose a strong fire risk, even if treated. Several cases have arisen of barbecues setting light to the wood on a single balcony which then spreads to engulf balconies above it. With high-rise fire-safety gaining greater scrutiny, mortgage companies are increasingly refusing to lend on properties that have wooden deck boards, rendering them worthless. The Group’s range of A2 minimum-rated decking will restore value and safety to properties.

Working closely with its industry partners, East Riding Group looks forward to what the future will bring and continues to deliver services to the highest level, working with customers old and new.