Efectis is delighted to announce the expansion of its current fire laboratory located at the Jordanstown Campus, with a new site based in Kilroot Business Centre, a few kilometres from the fire laboratory. The Jordanstown fire laboratory offers reaction to fire and fire resistance equipment, and one BS 8414 frame.

The new building offers new fire testing services, notably four additional UKAS-accredited BS 8414 façade test rigs arranged to comply with the new version of BS 8414: 2020.

This additional façade fire testing system will allow Efectis to assist the construction market to reduce drastically the current waiting time to get tested and help to modify construction planning. In the current health and economic crisis, this is good news to help speed up construction.

With more than 70 years of experience as an independent third party assessor in the fire performance of products, systems, and constructions, Efectis recently secured an opportunity to work with the Manchester Airport Transformation Programme. The scope of the work includes a review of the existing fire strategy and performing fire assessments to maintain a high level of fire safety requirements on this leading project.

Efectis has also inspected a range of buildings with moderate to serious issues associated with their facade systems’ fire safety, including a hospital; hotels; office or residential buildings; individual houses; etc. For these existing buildings, the scope of the work included inspection, collecting information, checking drawings and construction details, assessing engineering judgment and assessments based on experimental data.