With offices located in France, the Netherlands, UK, Turkey, Spain and North Africa, Efectis is a global player in fire science and specialises in fire safety including testing, modelling, certification, education and inspection.

Based on its 65 years of experience and 240 employees, from small to large scale, from materials to construction, Efectis assesses the fire performance (fire resistance, reaction to fire, extinguishing systems) of products, systems and entire projects. Such projects include nuclear, transportation, dwellings, infrastructure, tunnels, high rise buildings, industrial process and storage facilities.

The five fire laboratories are accredited according to ISO 17025 by the national accreditation bodies, and some are accredited according to the Flex 2 accreditation scheme, allowing for greater reactivity to customers. A large external platform allows large scale tests to be performed, which is sometimes necessary for assessing the performance of a system in real conditions.

Based on its strong world-wide recognition and network, Efectis can support its customers and its international market with accepted tests, certificates and assessments.

With a strong scientific background in fire modelling, sometimes coupled with fire testing, Efectis performs third party verification of fire designs whether these are based on fire safety engineering or prescriptive rules. It can also offer verification of product and system installation, guaranteeing a good safety level and excellent code compliance to operators or owners.

In addition, Efectis is linking with fire-fighters’ organisations and operations to improve their intervention processes and their safety during fires, which are increasingly large and dangerous.