In E-Bulletin 39

Fabsec FBEAM announces RAM partnership

Fabsec’s FBEAM software is the industry’s leading software solution for the design of plated cellular beams in ambient and fire conditions has added connectivity with Bentley’s RAM Structural System design software for buildings.

With a track record of continuous development, to ensure FBEAM remains at the forefront of engineers’ needs, we are pleased to announce our recent partnership with Bentley Systems, Inc., to develop an import/export regime between FBEAM and the RAM Structural System.

The RAM Structural System provides powerful and comprehensive analysis and design of building structures. It automates the most tedious and time-consuming tasks, allowing the engineer to provide more thorough and economical designs while working more effectively and productively.

This latest FBEAM update allows seamless transfer of data between the two software packages making the design and specification of Fabsec FBEAM plate girders even more streamlined.

This new feature will help Structural Engineers improve their workflows, allowing any number of options to be reviewed effortlessly.

Ultimately this partnership will yield savings in design time ensuring the most efficient solution is reached for projects undertaken.

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