Fabsec, the market leader in the design of long span cellular beams, has upgraded its FBEAM Cellular Beam Design software with state of the art technology.  The upgrade ensures Fabsec will continue to lead the industry so enabling building owners and their advisers to realise even greater levels of project performance and efficiency.

The FBEAM Ambient Cellular Beam Design software is typically used by the steel designers to design primary and secondary floor beams and rafters for multi storey construction projects.  Fabsec Beams can be composite and non-composite with typical floor spans of 8-24 metres and roof spans of up to 60 metres.

In addition, the Fire Engineering Module now offers our in-house steel designers the ability to design their Firebeams with the benefit of using the latest intumescent coatings. This is a state-of-the-art technology solution fusing the latest optimisation and coating technology to provide an integrated solution for optimised fire-engineered beam designs.

The holistic approach looks at both the structural section size and the intumescent coating thickness to determine the most cost effective/optimum combination.  The mass of steel and intumescent coating provides proven technical solutions whilst achieving enhanced project economy, swifter construction and optimised design.

Fabsec has rationalised and optimised the product offer incorporated within FBEAM to reflect changes in the market supply-chain and in the overall economy of the products.

Fabsec FBEAM Ambient Beam software is free to download in the UK from www.fabsec.co.uk