In E-Bulletin 32

Fire Barrier Services are pleased to have delivered essential fire protection upgrade works at one of the UK’s most prestigious department stores.

Providing passive fire protection to the ground floor beauty hall, Fire Barrier Services, supplied and installed in excess of 3,000m² of GCP Applied Technologies Monokote MK-6HY fire spray system to provide 120 minute fire protection. This included application to structural steel and concrete encased beams, as well as application of Monokote MK-6HY to existing brick and concrete soffits. The works also included sealing a large number of voids in the existing concrete and terracotta flooring.

Using Monokote MK6-HY as opposed to other passive fire protection systems is preferential due to its fast setting qualities giving the advantage for over-coating in the same visit.

In addition to the structural protection works, Fire Barrier Services also carried out fire stopping and penetration sealing to the service voids and compartment walls. Using Rockwool FirePro range of fire stopping products, the performance criteria of 60 minutes of fire resistance was achieved.

Fire Barrier Services experience and supply chain relationships ensured that these essential life safety works and this project was completed on time and to schedule, all whilst the department store remained open.