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This year’s Fire Safety Event was an absolute success! We had such an amazing time getting to see many of you at the first big in-person fire safety event of the year! Don’t worry if you were not able to attend. We were able to capture many of our speakers’ presentations on film and they have all been uploaded to ASFPTV

To watch any of our presentations – Click HERE or Scroll down to the bottom

We spent some time on each day walking around the event interacting with all of you. You can see how each day of the event went by clicking on one of these three videos:

Day 1 - The Fire Safety Event

Day 2 - The Fire Safety Event

Day 3 - The Fire Safety Event


After an amazing three days, all we have left to do is say thank you!

Firstly, a massive thank you to the fantastic ASFP members for exhibiting and passing through our stand to say hi. It has been great to see you all in person. A further thank you to all of those who allowed us to come and visit their stand and told us a bit about what they do and how they were finding the event.

We would like to thank the whole ASFP team for all of their incredible hard work during this event, as well as the many months leading up to it. A special thank you to Georgina Fennell and Anna Hayes for co-ordinating our involvement at the event, setting up our speakers and basically ensuring ASFP was ready for the event; Reece Goodman for marketing our activities and preparing the stand assets and promotional material; Max Joyce for his incredible videos made daily to showcase the events, as well as the film made to promote the ASFP at the event; Sona Chandi for supporting us for the full three days, talking to potential members and showcasing how great ASFP is;
And finally, thank you to all of our speakers, Andrew Taylor, Niall Rowan, Mike Ward, Phil Brownhill Tony Corcoran and all of our member and guest speakers. We are thrilled to have such an amazing team here at ASFP!

Last but most certainly not least we would like to give a huge thank you and congratulations to Nineteen Group, and specifically Tristan Norman, for putting on a great show. It was a perfect opportunity to meet new and familiar faces alike, listen to some great discussions in the theatres and an all-around success for the first big, in-person, fire safety event of the year!

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Time waits for no one!

Our next event will be the London Build Expo at Olympia on the 17th and 18th of November. You can register for your free ticket HERE