In E-Bulletin 32

In recent years, C-PVC pipes have been highlighted as an area of concern within the construction industry regarding their compatibility or more importantly incompatibility with general construction materials. FSi Ltd found many general construction materials are either not tested or incompatible with C-PVC and took steps to formulate, develop and test PyroPro HPE to overcome this issue.

PyroPro HPE Sealant is one of a small group of products within passive fire protection that has been approved by Lubrizol as FBC System Compatible. Details can be found on the Lubrizol website which lists both compatible and incompatible products.

Being FBC System Compatible is the only proven procedure to indicate that PyroPro HPE has been tested correctly, and is routinely monitored through formulation screening and rigorous physical testing. These procedures ensure its chemical compatibility with C-PVC pipes, including FlowGuard Gold, BlazeMaster and Corzan pipes and fittings.

FSi Ltd has taken these steps in order to innovate and improve product performance offering our customers a compatible solution and a lasting system for CPVC.

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