FSi has achieved 120 minutes integrity and insulation fire resistance performance for profiled composite steel decks penetrated by plastic pipes.

Utilising FSi’s extensive fire resistance test evidence, performed in accordance with European, Australian, and other recognised international fire test standards and certification schemes, Element Warrington Fire has been commissioned to produce a bespoke approval, specific to the installation of plastic pipes passing through profiled steel composite decks, Warrington Fire Report WF 4242912.

This unique system within the industry comprises the use of PipeBloc PCP collars and Stopseal Batts, mechanically attached to the underside of the substrate as detailed in the render.

FSi has also obtained an assessment for movement with penetration seals. Flexi Coat coating has the only bespoke third party approved Warrington Fire Assessment WF 423925 which comprehensively explains, through 70 approved details, how movement (for example, wind load and settlement) can and will affect the fire performance of the seal and building, and the solution FSi can offer for them.

FSi’s Pyropro HPE sealant is formally approved as compatible for use not only on Lubrizol CPVC polymer based pipes but Spears as well. This information is referenced and can be located on the official Lubrizol and Spears product compatibility register.

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