FSi Ltd is proud to announce the arrival of PyroSeal 2K Expanding Sealer which is ideal for use as a mixed penetration or cable penetration seal.

PyroSeal 2K can be used to temporarily or permanently reinstate the fire resistance performance of flexible wall constructions, rigid wall constructions and rigid floor constructions. It is suitable for sealing apertures which are penetrated by various cables, conduits/ tubes, metal pipes, plastic pipes and cable support constructions (including perforated or non-perforated steel cable trays and steel ladders.)

PyroSeal 2K Expanding Sealer is a 2-component polyurethane sealant system, manufactured with halogen-free intumescent fire retardants. On application the two components are mixed through a screw nozzle resulting in a reaction which causes the product to expand and swell around penetrating services. It offers up to 120 minutes of fire resistance to EN 1366-3, making it the ideal solution where access is difficult or obstructed.

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