Hilti keeps raising the quality bar with a range of already shaped (preformed) items for firestopping penetrations which require a reduced installation time, compared to batt and mastic.

Steps in the installation process are reduced to a minimum, improving the quality of installation and reducing the risk of contractor errors. Furthermore correct installation can be checked by a simple visual inspection.

All products are tested to stringent EN standards and have comprehensive ETA approval. They are dust and fibre free, offer low VoC levels and are LEED rated. They can also meet additional tests such as for acoustics.

The range includes:

  • Top Track Seal (TTS) which creates the perfect, error-free, fire and acoustic rated deflection head in drywall partitions.
  • Cast-In devices (CID) which are tested with several plastics (all in U/U configuration, incl. CPVC), metal pipes, with no backfill requirement for either.
  • Blocks (BL) are the quickest and most convenient alternative to traditional batt with mastic. These are light soft bricks, installed by simply filling the aperture.
  • Cable Discs (D) are the easiest way to seal wires and conduits in apertures up to 25mm, as simple as using a plaster, with no mastics required.
  • Cable Collars (CC) are the face-mounted solution for mid-size cables and bundles, perfect for retrofits.
  • Plugs (PL) to fire seal round shaped holes, simply plugging the aperture.
  • Sleeves (SL) for easy re-penetration to ensure correct air flow control. These provide an ideal solution to meet critical requirements for healthcare premises and data centre projects.

For technical advice contact GB-Technical@hilti.com