In E-Bulletin 38

The latest offering of RF-Technologies products from Smoke Control Dampers Ltd is a range of hygienic fire dampers. Although all Rf-T products are safe and clean by design, this new range is suitable for applications where there is a need for increased hygiene.

The Rf-T range of tested and certified fire dampers carry the acclaimed VDI 6002 ‘Hygiene Tested’ label making them ideal for use in ventilation systems in hospitals and other highly sensitive areas of health care which need to meet critical hygiene and safety requirements.

VDI 6022-1 is a code of practice which defines hygiene requirements and guidelines for ventilation equipment and systems. Since every component in a HEVAC system needs to comply to these stringent requirements, fire dampers installed in these ventilation systems, must meet the same requirements for hygiene and safety.

Recommendations and guidelines can be found within Health Technical Memorandum published by the Department of Health. In hospital operating rooms and intensive care units, dust, dirt and airborne bacterial contaminants need to be contained, kept to a minimum level, and removed by effective and reliable ventilation systems. This applies equally to other environments such as pharmaceutical, food, and electronics production areas.

Designed and built for easy cleaning and to restrict areas of build-up of where unsafe substances might amass, fire dampers carrying the VDI 6002 Hygiene Tested label, meet these critical hygiene requirements.