Where other contractors balked, IMS Group rose to the challenge of undertaking the single biggest fire door maintenance contract in the country, covering 46,000 fire doors in 4 Army garrisons in 6 months.

We were engaged to complete critical certified remedial works after a third party contractor previously condemned thousands of fire doors across the properties.

Our team of fully accredited and experienced fire door engineers began works on this truly one-of-a-kind project. The Four Garrisons are heritage sites, some of which had been passed to PFIs and had their own unique regulations when it comes to safety. Not to mention many of the doors were older than our engineers’ grandparents!

11,000 doors were considered condemned by a previous third party contractor but IMS Group were able to restore 97.8% to full working order, so only 246 needed to be replaced. Thanks to our employees having leading knowledge about fire door repairs we were able to save the client millions in unnecessary costs.

The IMS Group is unique in that we will always try to save a door rather than condemn one. This helps our customers and the environment. After all, you wouldn’t crush a car just because the gear box was broken, would you?

IMS Group completed the job in the required time frame and to a high standard of service, leading to the contract being extended to cover the Garrisons’ fire door preventative protection maintenance indefinitely. A proud moment in the IMS Group’s 30 year history.