FSiFSi Ltd has continued to invest in the development of innovative solutions for the facades and cavity barrier sector.

Silverliner Open State Cavity Barrier is a slab edge sealing system, developed to protect the voids between the outer facade and the inner construction element of the building in the case of a fire. This “open state” Cavity Barrier allows for a 25mm gap to ensure movement of air and moisture within the outer building envelope.

FSi recently achieved third-party certification to Warrington Fire EWCL 5 for its Silverliner Open State Cavity Barrier for a full range of applications.

FSi’s latest product is the Flexi Coat Fingers, a pre-coated mineral fibre product that can be used in various applications such as cavities, voids and between the slab edge or curtain wall/facade. It can also be used in linear joints and the head of wall applications or penetration seals where services pass through compartments and the requirement for movement is needed.

Flexi Coat Fingers is a highly flexible product which provide the user with a practical, tested solution to accommodate movement throughout the building envelope where other products may not perform. Flexi Coat Fingers is tested in accordance with EN 1366-3, EN1366-4, and EN 1364-4 Curtain wall part configuration and has achieved third party certification under the UL EU Scheme.

For further information on the Flexi Coat Fingers or Silverliner Open State Cavity Barrier please contact sales@fsiltd.com  or call +44 (0) 1530 515130.