ASFP accredits Thin Film Intumescent Coatings Training Course

ASFPThe Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has entered into an agreement with MPI Group to accredit the Corrodere Thin Film Intumescent Coatings Training Course, a new module under the Train the Painter coating applicator training programme.

Intumescent coatings are applied to structural steel either on or off site to prevent structural failure in the event of fire but it is essential that such fire protection coatings are applied correctly. This new training and certification programme covers all the requirements for the successful application of thin film intumescent coatings and can only be conducted by approved training providers, who are Affiliate members of the Train the Painter Scheme.

A one-day course is available to applicators who have already completed the Train the Painter Bronze, Silver or Gold (or equivalent) course for other types of coating and obtained a Train the Painter Card. Those with no recognised qualification must undertake a three-day programme which includes a two-day basic coatings course followed by the one-day thin film intumescent coatings applicator course.

The applicator must pass a theory examination for both parts of the course and a practical assessment after the thin film intumescent coatings module.

Successful candidates will be awarded a Thin Film Intumescent Coating Applicator Qualification approved by BRE and ASFP. On achieving the qualification candidates obtain a 5-year CSCS ID Card. Those with less than 1600 hours of coating application experience can obtain an Orange Trainee Thin Film Intumescent ID Card; while those with over 1600 hours of experience can obtain a Red Thin Film Intumescent ID Card.

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Sharpfibre protects Canary Wharf tower

Sharpfibre have provided several services to Newfoundland, a spectacular 60-storey residential skyscraper housing 636 decadent apartments at the western end of the Canary Wharf Estate.

The site is bounded by Westferry Road to the west, Middle Dock to the east and Bank Street to the south. The Jubilee Line runs directly beneath the site.

The slim diamond shape of the tower is determined by the narrow footprint of the site and diagonal alignment of adjacent streets. This optimises pedestrian movement, maintains views and presents a clear and striking new landmark form for Canary Wharf. The ‘diamond’ shape has sloped, sculpted sides and an external frame will give residents more space while also offering privacy on the balconies, shielding each one from being overlooked by their neighbours.

Sharpfibre has provided fire-stopping to the 636 apartments and common areas installing Firetherm Intubatt and Intucompound, as well as providing fire protection to the structural steels using Knauf Fire-tek 160.

The structural steels, once protected, were exposed to the elements until the cladding could be installed, which could have caused an issue due to declension. The Sharpfibre innovative solution was to cover the protected steels with Wraptite, which is usually an air barrier providing airtightness to buildings, but was utilised to provide protection from the London weather to the Fire-Tek and the steels.

Contact Sharpfibre on 01268 413084 for innovative solutions to your projects and for your firestopping, fire proofing and Durasteel requirements.

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fischer extends FireStop Range

fischer has once again extended its portfolio of passive fire protection products with the addition of System Barrier PLUS. A unique 2 component firestop foam and flexible firestop block offers the installer complete flexibility with this interchangeable sealing system.

Designed for hard to reach applications, the System Barrier PLUS can be used for multiple penetrations for sealing metallic pipes, insulated metallic pipes, conduits, cable, cable bunches and cable trays.

Tested in accordance with EN 13501, EN 1366-3, ASTM E 814 (UL 1479), ASTM E84 (UL 723) the System Barrier PLUS is ETA certificated, CE & UL Marked.

fischer continues to extend the scope of certification to both European and international standards, providing systems and solutions for complex application in the industry, which saves time and costs on site and gives our customers full confidence in the products performance.
To find out more visit or call +44 (0) 1491 827900

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Colt certified to IFC SDI 19 and SDI 05

WalravenColt International is the first smoke control business to be certified as a competent installer of smoke control systems and smoke and fire curtains to both IFC SDI 19 and SDI 05, developed by the Smoke Control Association (SCA). The scheme is provided by IFC, an internationally recognised provider of independent third-party certification.

SDI 19 aims to ensure a suitable and acceptable level of competency in areas such as fire strategy, scheme design, and installation. The scheme also details the contractor’s ability to offer and provide appropriate levels of service and maintenance, to be proportionate to the type, size and use of the building. SDI 05 demands the same level of competency in regards to the installation, commissioning and servicing of active and fixed barriers for fire and smoke control.

Colt were able to show a high level of consistency and commitment to best practice by demonstrating its expertise and experience in the smoke control industry, in accordance with all the relevant standards and industry guidance, such as Approved Document B, BS 9999 and EN 12101 part 6. Being certified for both smoke control systems and smoke and fire curtains means that Colt can truly offer a turnkey installation package.

David Fitzpatrick, Colt’s Business Development Director, said:

“As an industry leader, we believe that it’s important for Colt to lead the way in competency and compliance, which will help to raise standards for our customers, and for the smoke control industry in general.”

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CCF talks fire protection

IFCCCF, a leading insulation and interior building products distributor, recently held an industry lunch and learn event to highlight the importance of fire protection and third-party accredited products and installers.

The event by CCF, in conjunction with the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP), Promat, Rockwool and Tradeline, was the second of its kind to take place. Building professionals benefitted from one-on-one time with leading fire protection suppliers, technical guidance and product showcases.

Part of the session reflected on content covered in the Dame Judith Hackett review, in particular the potential introduction of a “more rigorous and transparent product testing regime”, along with how the review will likely impact the products and materials specified, installed and maintained.

Paul Grundy, Technical Director at CCF said:

“We are proud to have held a second event inviting building professionals to consider how third party accredited products and installations can benefit them and their customers. As a responsible supplier, committed to offering quality products, great service and trusted advice, it is important for us to be talking about fire protection and the different compliant and added-value options, such as third party accreditation.”
For more information about CCF’s complete fire protection range visit

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Walraven offers PVC pipe firestopping advice

WalravenWhen looking for a firestop for PVC pipes, there are a few things to consider. Plastic pipes exposed to fire will react differently according to the type of plastic they are made from. Some will soften and then char as the fire progresses, others will soften and melt. If not properly fire stopped these pipes may burn out and leave a passage for fire into adjoining rooms and allow a fire to quickly spread.

Fire collars and fire sleeves with intumescent materials are used to squeeze the pipe shut, completely sealing it before the fire can pass through. As different types of plastic can react to fire in different ways, you must ensure the fire collar or sleeve you choose is tested and approved for the type of plastic or make of pipe you are using. Not all collars or sleeves will be effective for all types of plastic pipe. Some collars and sleeves can only be used on one or two specific types of plastic, others are more versatile.

Walraven’s Pacifyre BFC Fire Collar and Pacifyre MK II Fire Sleeve are approved for use on many types of plastic pipe and and can be used to seal most types. Ultimately the selection and correct installation of a fire stop can potentially save people’s lives. You can visit our website for more information including a fire stopping guide and product information on all our fire stopping solutions.

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Cryotherm protects recycling plant

Cryotherm was proud to be chosen to supply fire protection for a new, state of the art recycling plant.

Cryotherm’s design and fabrication capabilities have enabled the provision of innovative solutions for the structural fire protection of the project in London for Suez (formerly Sita UK), a global recycling and resource management company.

The company was delighted to have secured the work for this prestigious project and is proud of its heritage in fire protection. Meeting the complexities of this build was challenging yet hugely rewarding.

Products used included Rockliner casings to providing up to four hours fire protection to clad beams and columns, all of which were in a food safe hygienic finish

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AkzoNobel offers durable steel protection

BelgradeIn making product selections for structural steel protection, decision makers will often look at how much material is required to achieve a prescribed fire rating before choosing the product that provides this protection at the lowest installation cost. However, another key consideration is acrylic PFP’s ability to withstand the environment it is placed in during construction.

Some acrylic PFP materials have very poor weather resistance which can lead to blistering and delamination, and having to carry out on-site repairs to the acrylic PFP adds extra cost to projects and incurs delays.

In contrast, the “C” grade version of Interchar 2060 from AkzoNobel’s International brand is ideal for use in urban environments (C3 according to ISO 12944:2018) as it has excellent weather resistance. This was a vital quality for the Celtic Manor International Convention Centre project in Wales.

Commenting after Interchar 2060 was applied to the Centre’s structural steel, Jon Lewis at R Lewis & Co (UK) Ltd said:

“The product has been next to the M4 in South Wales in a variety of weather conditions such as rain, high winds and cold temperatures, and has held up extremely well. Interchar 2060’s robustness has been a huge benefit to the Celtic Manor project.”

While fire performance is critical, decision makers should also not overlook the advantages of acrylic PFP products when it comes to time and cost-saving benefits in the construction process, and in the UK’s often challenging weather, product durability can matter just as much as fire protection.

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Efficient service from Polyseam

CCFProtecta firestopping products are making an impact in the UK and Irish markets. Sold in over 45 countries worldwide, the company ethos is testing, testing, testing, with every test carried out to the latest European standard. The annual budget for testing and certification is over £1M which ensures that not only every product but also every application is covered by a CE mark.

From an installation perspective, versatility is the key. In addition to the traditional batt fixing methods of framed out openings and pattress details, Protecta can also be installed in unframed drywall for most applications. These configurations are also tested and CE marked and offer the contractor real time savings. Protecta fire stopping products are CE marked and comply with the requirements of ETAG 026.

Good testing must be backed by the ability to get goods to the customer in a timely and cost efficient manner. With products manufactured by parent company Polyseam at its state of the art factory in Huddersfield, Protecta is able to offer a next day service to the whole UK. With the launch of a distribution hub in Harlow, Protecta offers same day and timed deliveries throughout London and the South East.

To complete the offering, there is a hugely experienced technical team able to support customers at short notice with the details and assessments that are vital to ensure smooth running of a project.

For more information, contact the customer services team on 01484 421036

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Applus+ Laboratories opens Madrid facility 

APPLUSApplus + Laboratories will open by the end of 2018 a new fire laboratory in Guadalajara, 60km from Madrid, Spain. This new facility will add to the other three current sites of Bellaterra (Barcelona), the main lab; Can Padró (Barcelona) jet fire and cladding; and Applus+ TST (Asturias) for tunnel tests.

The new unit will increase Applus + test production capacity and improve logistics for customers in the peninsula. Initially this lab will have two furnaces: a 4x4m vertical furnace, specially designed to test large doors; and a 4x3m horizontal furnace for testing floors and ceilings, ducts, dampers and other elements of large dimensions or immersed.

The Guadalajara laboratory is fully equipped with modern and spacious facilities including offices, large changing and meeting rooms, a huge construction area apart from the furnaces.  Two overhead cranes will optimize the movement of materials or elements through the unit.

For further information, please contact with our fire safety project director, Joan Piera:

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Firemac presented with Queen’s Award

PyroplexIn April, it was announced that Firemac Ltd, based in North Berwick, had been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation 2018, the highest accolade that any UK organisation can achieve for product development and innovation.

Firemac owners Donald and Fiona Mackay were initially welcomed to a winners’ reception at Buckingham Palace where they met His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, who personally congratulated them on the company’s award success. Following the Palace visit an official award presentation took place at the company’s UK offices in North Berwick, last month.

Firemac FM Fabric PSA is the latest innovation from the company which revolutionised the fire-resistant ductwork sector when it first introduced its third-party certificated fabric-based Firemac FM Fabric system to the UK some 15 years ago.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are awarded for outstanding achievement by UK businesses in the categories of innovation, international trade, sustainable development and promoting opportunity through social mobility.

On receiving the award, Firemac Managing Director, Donald Mackay stated:

“Today is not just about celebrating a product of which we are all tremendously proud but celebrating the joint effort of all the Firemac team throughout the years, and the values we share as we seek to deliver high quality, technically superior products and outstanding customer service. Sharing today with our long-standing suppliers and customers was important, as without them Firemac really couldn’t have grown into what it is today”

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New AIM open state cavity barriers

SherwinSpecialist insulation manufacturer, AIM, part of the fire and thermal division of Performance Technology, has developed a new range of Open State Cavity Barriers (OSCB) – to complement facade applications – while offering up to 120 minutes of integrity and insulation performance.

Manufactured from ROCKWOOL stone wool and faced with intumescent material, the AIM OSCB provides an open airspace of 25mm and 44mm. When installed the OSCB allows air flow in the facade cavity, with the intumescent strip expanding to create a robust cavity fire barrier, in the event of a fire.

Tim Dalton, General Manager, AIM, comments:

“The need for High Performance Open State Cavity Barriers has been given growing prominence following publication of the ASFP’s Technical Guidance Document – TGD 19 – which details market guidance for development of these products.

“As an insulation innovator we’ve responded to this need by developing a comprehensive choice of OSCBs, which will enable the right product to be exactly matched to a specific application.”

For ease of identification, the four products are colour coded in red, white, black and blue indicating the integrity and insulation performance of 60 or 120 minutes. A simple fixing procedure makes the AIM OSCBs quick and easy to install on-site, with no specialist tools required.

The AIM OSCB range was officially launched to market at UK Construction Week (9th – 11th October 2018).

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tremco illbruck launches Nullifire SC803

FSitremco illbruck is proud to introduce the latest innovation in its intumescent coating range,  Nullifire SC803 Ultra Low VOC Intumescent Basecoat, developed to focus on the highly competitive one-hour protection market.

Led by its purpose-built laboratory in Coventry, UK, around 5,000 hours of research and development time and a significant financial resource were invested in progressing the latest water-based intumescent from the conceptual stages to full approval and market introduction.

Once the key technical parameters and properties were identified, R&D staff worked closely with raw material suppliers, following well defined internal processes to ensure that tremco illbruck was providing something new to the market. Once prototypes were identified, application properties were evaluated with key customers throughout Europe and within varying environments to ensure that the company could position itself correctly for the considerable investment needed to enter the market.

Only once these key properties were validated did the company proceed through the approval process for EN13381-8 and full CE marking. The result of this is that Nullifire SC803 has best in class loadings in the field for 60 minutes, coupled with superior application properties.

Nullifire is an established and trusted fire protection brand with over 40 years’ history of providing solutions for the structural steel market around the globe. tremco illbruck, the company behind the brand, is committed to technical and market innovation and is at the forefront of product introductions into this established market. For more information, contact tremco illbruck Passive Fire Protection Solutions on 020 3917 1776.

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Smoke Control Dampers eases AOV fitting

SteelcalcSmoke Control Dampers Limited has introduced a range of first fix mounting frames to complement its range of BS EN12101 Part 8 smoke evacuation products.

The new Easy-KAP mounting frames are lightweight, metal frames that make fitting the Avantage and Kamouflage automatic opening vent (AOV) smoke dampers even easier than before.

In keeping within the scope of the product’s certification, Easy-KAP mounting frames are suitable for structural openings in most types of fire compartment walls.

Once the frame is securely fitted, the installation of the AOV can be completed by 4 fixing screws that pull the damper tight to the shaft wall for the best fit.

The main benefit is that the frame can be fixed to the compartment wall at a first fix stage allowing the AOV to be second fixed, thus avoiding the messy wet finishing works of the plasterers, painters and decorators and keeping the decorative features of the AOVs unscathed.

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Exova Warringtonfire offers one-stop-shop for testing

Exova Warringtonfire has recently completed a project to upgrade its smoke leakage and acoustic testing facility at its High Wycombe testing laboratory, making it even easier to undertake acoustic, smoke and fire testing at a single location.

In addition to the installation of a new roller shutter door and ramp ─ which provides improved access for sample delivery ─ additional capacity has been created for the storage of test samples.

The enhanced facility now includes two 3x3m smoke leakage testing rigs, a full-scale acoustic testing chamber and a client meeting room.

Acoustic testing services offered include sound insulation performance up to 58dB (Rw) or 73dB (R’w) against BS EN ISO 10140 series for doorsets, windows, glazing systems, penetration and linear joint seals, door and window seals and single and twin leaf partition systems.

Smoke leakage testing services offered include Smoke Control Tests for doorsets and shutter assemblies; openable windows and elements of building hardware to BS EN 1634-3; permeability of materials to smoke to BS EN 12101-1 Annex C;  and Active Fire barrier assemblies – calculations of ambient temperature smoke leakage to BS 8524-1 Annex F.

Leigh Hill, Divisional Director – Europe Testing commented: “The ability to undertake acoustic, smoke leakage and fire testing at a single location and on the same sample is a major benefit to our customers and is becoming increasingly popular, saving both time and money. The recent investment we have made to the facility is designed to make the testing process even easier, enhancing the experience for our customers.”

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Next generation coating from Sherwin-Williams

CrossfireSherwin-Williams’ next generation FIRETEX passive fire protection coating puts time on your side. FX6002, the latest FIRETEX release is an ultra-fast drying intumescent passive fire protection coating which has the potential to speed up project timelines and reduce costs.

Once applied FIRETEX FX6002 is dry to handle in just one hour and can be exposed to weather after four hours. With such unparalleled speed of curing, drying ‘bottlenecks’ in the paint shop are reduced and rapid weather resistance is achievable if applied on site. FX6002’s excellent mechanical durability also minimises transport and erection damage.

FIRETEX FX6002 has an extended range of approved fire scenarios, providing 15-120 minutes cellulosic fire projection. The highly durable coating is suitable for use in C5 ISO12944-2 environmental categories, is tested to BS476 Part 20/21 and assessed to ASFP Yellow Book 5th Edition.

With greater freedom of building design resulting in more and more interestingly shaped and full glazed buildings with the steel frame on show, FX6002 delivers 20 years of exterior durability to protect exposed structural steelwork. It also rivals epoxy intumescent coatings for durability but with vastly superior application and aesthetic characteristics compared to some products on the market.

This second generation product extends the scope of protection to lighter steelwork than previously possible with FX6000, whilst at the same time reducing the required thickness.

For more information contact Sherwin-Williams on +44 (0)1204 521771

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FSi launches PenoPatch

FSi Limited has recently launched the PenoPatch. This is a non-setting putty based penetration sealing system for small single cables and conduits including 16mm PVC and metal conduits. The PenoPatch has been independently tested to EN 1366-3 achieving a minimum of EI60 in 100mm flexible (Plasterboard) walls, suitable for flexible and rigid wall systems.

The PenoPatch has many key features, including a fire resistance to EI60 and good acoustic performance. The PenoPatch remains flexible due to the pliable non-setting putty and are quick and easy to install. They are available in 2 different size combinations, 60mm for 25mm diameter (max) apertures with a cable or conduit and 100mm for 50mm diameter (max) apertures with cables and conduits.

These are popular with maintenance teams, electricians and plumbers who may be installing small conduits and single cables through compartment walls. Due to the easy nature of the fitting they can be retro fitted once the service is in place to re-instate the integrity and insulation of the wall system, maintaining the compartment where small services have been installed.

For more information on the PenoPatch or any of our other products then visit our website or contact a member of the team on 01530 515 130 /

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FPS attends ASFPI course

Fire Protection Specialists (FPS) is delighted to announce its participation in the recently announced
ASFP Foundation Course in Passive Fire Protection. Contracts Manager Wayne Grogan and Director Dave Murphy are the first from the Company to attend the course.

Commenting on the Course, Dave Murphy said: “This is a game changer for our industry, it’s the first step in a series of measures being implemented by FPS that will allow us to demonstrate our competency through the Level 3 qualification, going further than the Accredited Installer title.”

In 2019, FPS supervisors will undertake the L2 version of the course, giving them the skills and confidence to communicate their practical knowledge to our valued Clients. Following on from that the remainder of the Contracts Managers will undertake the L3 course.

Fire Protection Specialists are committed to ensuring health & safety, environmental protection and quality, delivering correct installations through our competent skilled workforce. The company recognised this early on and took the decision to employ a Quality and Compliance Manager to deliver and oversee its policy.

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Smoke control dampers from Strulik

Smoke control dampers from Strulik are used where there is a need to control the movement and extract of smoke from within a building. This could be part of a dual-purpose supply and extract ducted system in a complex building, a smoke control system in an apartment block on the extract side, extract from basements and from car park ventilation systems.

Smoke control dampers should not be confused, or replaced, with combination fire and smoke dampers, because in some cases they must remain open, breaking compartmentation and extending it; while in other cases, they must close to protect compartmentation.

As explanatory rules of thumb, smoke control dampers have no fixed safety position and may be open or closed in a fire/smoke situation. But since a smoke control damper will open to allow the extract of smoke, the duct or shaft now becomes part of the fire compartment, so smoke control dampers along the route must be multi-compartment too, to prevent the fire and smoke leaving the duct or shaft to other areas/floors.

Products should be CE marked to BS EN12101 Part 8. The use of other products tested ad hoc or to other standards are not a recognised solution. Similarly, the use of fire dampers CE marked to EN15650 with replaced actuators is not acceptable as the smoke control damper test requires the actuator to be cycled before the fire tests and to be part of the tested smoke control damper assembly.

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IFC Group offers fire expertise  

Following Grenfell and the Hackitt report, competence has been highlighted as key to the fire safety industry. IFC Groupcontinues to drive standards, through vital input into key bodies including MHCLG. The company’s competence is recognised across the industry by government, national bodies and clients.

To improve levels of competence, IFC Group is delighted offer its leading training modules, including courses for fire stopping and fire rated timber doors.  IFC Group is also actively supporting the ASFP Level 2 and 3 training initiative in the UK and Ireland. To learn more about our range of courses, please visit

IFC Certification is also pleased to announce another positive annual UKAS audit. Its focus remains on delivering a first-class service to all its clients through robust schemes for manufacturers and installers; delivering the audits and reports as committed’ and offering a prompt response to telephone and email.

Fire safety in construction is predicated on passive fire safety and compartmentation; supplemented by active systems including detection, suppression and smoke control.  With fire and smoke curtains increasingly included as part of a holistic solution to fire safety, IFC is working closely with leading manufacturers and the ASFP in developing the ASFP Black Book for fire and smoke curtains.

IFC are also recognised as specialists on fire safety in modular and offsite construction. Tom Mason, IFC Group’s Senior Fire Engineering Manager recently gave a well-received presentation entitled ‘The Devil is in the detail’, to a wide audience of industry specialists at Salford University.

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Avesta supports NVQ training scheme

In 2017 the Scottish Government made it a recommendation that the installation of Passive Fire Protection should be carried out by Third Party Accredited installers.  Avesta Scotland Ltd – which is a member of the Scottish Specialist Contractors Training Group – has campaigned for changes within the Scottish Building Regulations to allow fire safety to be prioritised in both installation and inspection.

The Scottish Specialist Contractors Training Group (SSCTG) along with Avesta Scotland Ltd has recently been successful in a funding application to CITB.  The purpose of this funding application was for SSCTG ( to be able to provide funding support to 40 operatives to undertake the on-site NVQ2 in Passive Fire Protection and for four experienced persons to be trained and qualified on the Assessor Qualification.

This Project is open to all employers and SSCTG would ask that anyone currently installing passive fire protection products and who require this qualification to get in touch with to register for the next intake. This NVQ2 allows operatives to apply for a CSCS Blue Skilled Worker Card in this specialism.

This is a pilot scheme and hope that this new influx of competent personnel, from whatever background they may be from, will provide the much needed comfort to home owners, facilities managers, etc alike that the installations will be installed correctly and can be depended upon.

If you are interested in participating in this project please contact the Scottish Specialist Contractors Training Group on or telephone 0141 554 2947.

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ASFP supports Firex International

ASFP are official supporters of FIREX International, the global arena for sourcing the latest fire safety products and essential knowledge to ensure life safety. The event will take place on 18-20 June 2019 at ExCeL London.

ASFP and members will host a pavilion showcasing the latest passive fire prevention techniques and solutions, offering critical advice and guidance in a time where fire safety is at the top of the agenda. For the first time, exhibiting members will also have an opportunity to take to the ASFP stand to share their expertise.

Polyseam , Rockwool, Hempel, Coopers Fire, Checkmate Fire, Smoke & Fire Curtains, London Fire Solutions LLP are just some of the organisations that have already confirmed their involvement. If you’d like to join them, get in touch with Bradley Horne, UBM, on +44 (0)20 7921 8387.

ASFP members receive an exclusive rate of £327 /sqm Space Only or £442 /sqm as well as free lighting and power (3 x spotlights and power included in shell scheme stands only).

In 2018, the event welcomed a 12% increase in life safety and fire protection professionals, 35% of which held an annual purchasing budget of over £1 million. 72% of visitors to the show stated that they were interested in Passive Fire Prevention.

For more information about the show, who attends and how you can be involved, download the FIREX International brochure

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