Smoke Control DampersThe Kamouflage MP from Smoke Control Dampers Ltd is a motorised CE-marked smoke control damper that is at home in any smoke shaft Automatic Opening Vents (AOV) application. Offering high free area and minimal pressure loss for optimum efficiency, it is the aesthetic solution that can be integrated in any interior design.

It is modern looking and with a primed option can be painted any colour. As well as direct fix to compartment walls and ducts the unit is compatible with the “Easy-Kap” first fix mounting frame, making the AOV fitting, easier and quicker than before.

AOV lobby vents that open into builders work shafts and ducts as a function of a smoke control system should have an EI and S classification and comply with BS EN 1366-10, BS EN 13501-4 and BS-EN 12101-8 – the testing, classification and product standard for this product application. Whether for natural or mechanical systems, the AOV product has two essential functions.

First they open to allow the evacuation of smoke and toxic fumes as part of a smoke ventilation system and secondly, the sometimes-forgotten requirement, when closed they maintain the compartmentation of the shaft, thus not allowing fire, hot smoke and toxic fumes to enter a non-fire-affected floor

The Kamouflage MP is built, tested and classified to BS EN 12101-8.