In healthcare institutions the correct implementation of passive fire protection measures to limit the spread of fire is vital. To help the industry, Legrand has published a new guide to passive fire protection which offers information on the EZ-Path system as a solution for electrical and data cabling installations.

Featuring two intumescent flexible foam pads which expand when exposed to heat and fire, EZ-Path acts as a penetration seal to close any gaps between cables and stop fire, smoke and heat from spreading, thus maintaining the fire rating of the wall or floor in line with EN-1366-3.

With a Fire Resistance Class of up to EI120 / E240, the EZ-Path system (including the firestop devices and plates) offers an integrity and insulation performance (EI) of up two hours and an integrity performance (E) of up four hours. The modules can also be used with all types of cable, including data, fibre-optic, control and power cables up to 80mm in diameter. No manual adjustment is required, as the intumescent pads push apart to accommodate cable size. The device is approved empty or 100% visually full, allowing for easy inspection.

EZ-path is suitable for all types of walls including fire walls with ablative coated batt and partitions, and rigid walls and floors – all of which form part of the passive fire protection within a building.