In E-Bulletin 38

ROCKWOOL has developed a new range of innovative non-combustible solutions for the HVAC market, including the first stone wool pipe supports in the UK.

The new RockLap Pipe Supports offer a robust, stone wool pipe support solution designed to minimise thermal bridging from HVAC pipe support clamps. RockLap Pipe Supports provide effective load bearing capability and point load resistance in line with the associated loadings for HVAC pipework.  Pre-formed and pre-cut to suit standard service pipework diameters with a durable foil facing finish to maintain the vapour layer, RockLap Pipe Supports are easy to install.

As part of the ROCKWOOL HVAC solutions range, ROCKWOOL RockLap H&V sections for thermal insulation to pipework, have been successfully tested for fire resistance to EN 1366-3, providing firestopping to steel and copper pipe penetrations where they penetrate fire resistant walls and floors. This allows for H&V pipe sections to be continued through fire resistant constructions without the need to be locally removed or replaced, thus saving time and reducing labour costs.  Insulating with H&V pipe sections reduces the need for additional firestopping works where they penetrate compartment lines and results in less disruption to already installed services.

Both RockLap Pipe Supports and RockLap H&V Pipe Sections are manufactured with non-combustible stone wool, providing thermal insulation for pipework operating at temperatures of 0°C to 250°C.

ROCKWOOL Pipe Solutions offer thermal, fire and acoustic benefits, reducing the fire load in buildings and minimising vibration through the service pipework and its supporting structure.