The Markage multibladed damper from Smoke Control Dampers Ltd is the latest smoke evacuation product manufactured by RF-technologies. Tested to EN1366-10, it has been designed to bring maximum performance in the smallest possible space with maximum installation flexibility.

Its innovative multi-blade design brings the best aerodynamic performance and consequently highest net free air passage in the market, amongst comparable products. It can be used in a wall, floor, or duct in vertical or horizontal applications. It is a motorised EN 12101-8 CE marked smoke control damper having an EI and S classification having been tested and classified to BS EN 1366-10 and BS EN 13501-4.

With the highest classification of; EI 120 (ved hod i<->o)S 1500 C10.000 MA MULTI, the units are also available with AA and HOT 400/30 certification and designation.

The Markage has a front accessible motor enclosure, designed to contain, and protect the most used control modules.

Typical applications for the Markage are Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems (SHEVS), Pressure Differential Systems (PDS) and underground car park supply and extract systems in both multi and single compartment applications.

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