In E-Bulletin 39

New Siderise CPDs on façade protection  

Siderise Insulation Ltd, one of the leading providers of high-performance passive fire protection and acoustic insulation solutions for a wide range of façade types, is sharing its extensive knowledge and experience via two new CPDs on the passive fire protection of façades.

The presentations update of two of its most popular CPD seminars: Cavity Barriers in Ventilated Façades; and Firestops in Curtain Wall Façades.

Developed to aid specifiers and contractors working on these façade types, the CPDs have been created to offer a comprehensive view of the passive fire protection requirements needed for these specific applications in the UK. The content includes:

  • the principles of both façade types and the passive fire protection products they require
  • regulatory requirements and other relevant guidance
  • product testing and selection
  • important detailing considerations
  • routes to compliance
  • installation

These CPDs are just part of the comprehensive support service Siderise provides for its customers. This includes everything from educational opportunities and technical design support to site services and installation inspections— all designed to help create a safer built environment for all.

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