PFP SpecialistsBuilding owners and operators are becoming aware of the increased requirements to understand the fire safety capability of buildings they are responsible for. In some cases, change-of-use applications require proof of fire integrity of the structure. However, in older buildings, or buildings with structural modification, it is not always possible to find substantiated record of the passive fire protection originally installed.

PFP Specialists have been called upon to provide qualified inspection of older installations where there is no record of the product applied or its design fire capability. Utilising our experts who have decades of experience we have been able to support clients by carrying out:

  • On-site surveys of installed product and by visual inspection identify the generic type of the PFP material and a condition survey including thickness measurements and overall integrity.
  • Laboratory analysis of materials including spectroscopy and thermal conductivity measurements.

A key objective is identifying the product’s manufacturer and product identification. With this information, a review of the material’s original fire resisting capability can be made to determine if it will provide the required level of protection.

In one case, PFP Specialists were able to save the client a £multi-million bill for removal of an unidentified PFP material and its replacement with a known product. Our comprehensive service demonstrated the fire-resisting capability of the installed material and met the requirements of Building Control and other authorities.