In E-Bulletin 38

Firestopping and passive fire protection experts PRO TEK Group has completed a ‘stealth install’ at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore London, working with Atrium Interiors. Managing Director Paul Mooney and his team installed a 400m2 Nullifire FB770SS Intudeck system in the roof void above the Spinal Injuries Unit.

The PRO TEK team worked under challenging conditions, which included installing the Nullifire Intudeck system above treatment rooms. The importance of stealth and minimising disruption to patients and medical staff were identified as critical to the success of the project.

Installing Intudeck firestopping involves upgrading ceiling joists with smoke and fire-resistant fibre-board and sealant, and is well-suited to applications where the visible part of ceilings cannot be disturbed. This is often used for passive fire protection above decorative ceilings but is also ideal for installing firestopping capabilities in areas where occupants of the area below the ceilings must not be disturbed.

This type of application was ideal for the spinal injury unit at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. During the post-install debriefing between Michael Walsh, Atrium Interiors Ltd and the hospital trust, special mention was given to how quietly PRO TEK was able to carry out the installation.