In E-Bulletin 38

PFP Specialists has announced a significant update to its Quantifire estimation software.  An optimisation module is now integrated into existing users’ licences at no additional cost.

This module lets estimators and designers efficiently consider cost-benefit assessments with the combined cost of steel, fire protection and application. It allows design options for steel members that cannot be protected and for those that are deemed problematic, for example, with too many coats of application.

Quantifire uses powerful structural section substitution algorithms to generate potential alternate sections and propose modified protection thicknesses.  All assessments are presented with respect to the total cost, with the user having full control over pricing inputs.  For users with a licence to use the Eurocode critical temperature calculator, member substitutions are also used to re-evaluate critical temperatures to provide even greater cost saving assessments.

All types of beams and columns can be optimised in this way, but hollow columns and cellular beams are two types of sections that are particularly advantageous to consider in this manner.

Quantifire is an independent estimation software package for passive fire protection to structural steelwork with a current focus on intumescent coatings.  The software has a growing user base across the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, and Australasia.  A range of fire test standards are available to the user, including BS 476-21, EN 13381-8 and UL 263.

It was written by PFP Specialists, drawing on extensive experience in manufacturing, fire testing, certification, estimation, structural engineering, and fire engineering.