ROCKWOOL continues to expand the comprehensive FIREPRO range of passive firestopping products with the new FIREPRO SpeedSeal and FIREPRO Pipe Collar CE.

Modern and existing buildings have a myriad of cables, conduits and service pipework travelling through to all areas of a building, where these penetrate through fire rated divisions, it is important that even the smallest penetrating service is effectively fire stopped to reinstate the fire performance.

ROCKWOOL’s New FIREPRO SpeedSeal is a red putty-based penetration sealing solution available in 60mm and 100mm diameter discs, specifically designed to be used around small cables, cable bunches, plastic and metallic conduits in fire rated walls.  FIREPRO SpeedSeal is tested to EN 1366-3 and is proven to provide up to 2 hours fire resistance (E120/EI60).  It is a quick application solution which is easy to install, allowing contractors to seal gaps around penetrating cables and conduits as they are installed, ensuring fire stopping is maintained during the construction process.

The new FIREPRO Pipe Collar CE is suitable for larger plastic piping systems. Tested to the harmonised European Standard EN 1366-3:2009, it provides up to 4 hours firestopping in rigid floor constructions and up to 2 hours firestopping in flexible/rigid wall constructions.  Slim in design, it allows ease of fitting around services where space may be restricted.

FIREPRO Pipe Collar CE is CE marked and third party certified to provide assurance where specified, supporting the ‘golden thread’ of key information which needs to be relayed through the chain of stakeholders.