In E-Bulletin 39

ROCKWOOL offers EN tested steel protection

The versatility of steel, together with an increased requirement for high rise developments in our towns and cities, has escalated the popularity of steel as a construction material.

Steel as a material is non-combustible, however, in a fire, will begin to lose its strength at temperatures between 400ºC – 600ºC, relatively early on in the development  of a fire. Passive fire protection products insulate against the heat of a fire, ensuring steel elements maintain their structural stability.

ROCKWOOL Firepro Beamclad and Firetube systems offer built-in fire protection for structural steel elements, ensuring they maintain their load bearing function in a fire.

Tested to BS EN 13381-4:2013, ROCKWOOL Beamclad systems are designed to offer up to 4 hours (EI240) fire protection to structural steel elements with coverage for A/V factors up to 350.

ROCKWOOL Firetube systems are manufactured as pre-formed circular sections offering up to 3 hours (EI180) for circular structural elements with A/V factors up to 315.

With a choice of installation options, Beamclad and Firetube systems offer the added benefit of limiting thermal bridging and provide built-in acoustic benefit by dampening vibration transfer through the structure offering all round protection.

In support, ROCKWOOL has developed a new Structural Fire Protection CPD module, ‘Passive Fire Protection for Structural Steel’ aiming to help designers, installers and fire protection specialists develop their professional knowledge.

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