Sika is launching a comprehensive range of fire-resistant solutions for linear seals, penetration seals, and cavity barriers.

Joints and penetrations are potential weak points after fire breaks out in buildings. Construction frameworks are naturally interspersed with multiple utility and network services such as cables, cable trays, pipes, and ventilation ducts, resulting in countless penetrations through most walls and floors.

This potentially provides a passage for the spread of flames, heat, and toxic smoke into adjoining rooms and areas, which may result in uncontrolled fire propagation throughout the entire building. Sika’s passive fire protection systems provide solutions where firestopping is required in commercial, public, and residential buildings.

Sika’s firestop range covers products from silicone sealants, acrylic sealants, PU foams, to protection boards, pipe collars, load bearing compounds, pipe wraps, and baker rods providing up to four hours of fire resistance.

Sika firestop systems and products comply with national and international standards (including EN, UL, EAD, AS, Certifire), in order to confirm that they meet the highest fire resistance requirements and consequently can help save lives.

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