In E-Bulletin 32

A CE-marked Smoke Extract system, in the form of CASWELL FIRESAFE non-coated fire resisting ductwork from Firesafe Fire Rated Ductwork Ltd, has been installed at the new Unite Newgate student accommodation in the heart of Newcastle.

Newgate Court houses 575 students in Studios / en-suite bedrooms with shared kitchen & living space, over 6 floors. The property features a large reception, media room, gym, laundry and social spaces. This accommodation, by its nature, houses a large, ever-changing cohort of students from all over the world. Unfamiliar surroundings and the obvious risks of student life – including the cooking risks associated with self-catering – make it essential that a proven, reliable Smoke Extract system is specified.

The CASWELL FIRESAFE system is designed to maximise precious escape time by aiding the safe egress of occupants via protected, smoke-free escape routes. Conversely, it allows firefighters safe access to facilitate evacuation and tackle a fire.

The system meets the testing standard EN 1366-8 and conforms to the European Product Standard EN 12101-7. It was manufactured, installed and certified by FFRDL Licensed Partner, C. Caswell Engineering Services Ltd.

It is mandatory for ductwork manufacturers supplying Smoke Control ducts to draw up a declaration of performance and apply a CE-mark to their products. The legislation can appear complex and difficult to navigate but, in essence, Smoke Control ductwork must be CE-marked to meet the requirements of the Construction Products Regulations.

Life-safety demands the highest standards. Expert advice and fully-qualified installation providers are crucial. FFRDL are well-positioned to assist ASFP members with CE-marked ductwork requirements.