SobenSoben International is delighted to announce the use of its product FP-900/FirePro in the construction of the of Túnel de Ká Hó (Ká Hó Tunnel) in Macau, in order to enhance the tunnel’s fire safety.

A vital infrastructure project for the city of Macau, the Ká Hó Tunnel was developed to mitigate heavy traffic in the Coloane region (particularly at the Ká Hó port district) by managing the traffic flow and directing use of the Cotai East / Taipa highways.

The Túnel de Ká Hó is the second tunnel fire protection project in Macau built with Soben International’s Tunnel Fire Barrier System.  The FP-900/FirePro Calcium Silicate board was qualified by the Macau government’s infrastructure engineering team for Eurocode hydrocarbon-fire protection of the concrete tunnel.

The high performing FP-900/FirePro Calcium Silicate board was selected due to its high level of reliability for fire protection as well as the proven durability of the product post-installation. Furthermore, the absence of magnesium chloride in the board bolsters its durability and the unpainted, smooth finish results in low levels of maintenance.

Due to its straightforward and innovative application system, FP-900/FirePro also provides the added benefit of fostering faster construction in the circular tunnel. The boards were installed at the top of the tunnel structure, minimising the risk of loose protective materials falling due to the wind load pressure of the tunnel.